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Texas Motor Speedway 1

By: Giaky
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Oval Circuits
Initial release: 15-Mar-07
Current release: 1, on 15-Mar-07

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With 45 paddock garages at the Texas oval, why do all of my cars always seem to try and squeeze into the first 6 or 7 bays and create a indycar 'popcorn machine?
I'm using only 18 to 20 cars.

Why won't the cars spread out evenly among the 45 stalls?
Matsushita on Aug-30-2009

awesome, dude!! Great thanks to denalipark....... boy, oh boy is this track going to be good.
rookie man on Aug-29-2009

Thanks for the link denalipark
nikov on Jul-05-2009

Thanks for the link denalipark, you saved me from shopping a italian camera.
Carzz on Jun-19-2009

I found this link to a Texas Motor Speedway Track for rFactor...hope this helps someone....
denalipark on May-28-2009

Where is the link? I just keep going round and round in circles trying to find it. Very poor show.
ross1701 on Apr-02-2009

it´s true.i have no idea about in which part of that page i can download texas motor spedway!!
kpooooo on Feb-10-2009

Where's the dam download please!!!

all i get is a website & nooo download???????????????????????
Blackknight555 on Jan-19-2009

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