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The Tumbler 1

By: Pedro Priego Jr
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Street
Initial release: 25-Jul-11
Current release: 1, on 25-Jul-11

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Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart

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First working beta released (as 1.0, though)


A Tumbler! (obvious)
Custom sounds from the movie
Custom physics trying to get as close as the real prototype specs
(It's really really fun to drive without driving aids)
Night lights!
3d Model is temporary, I will update later on with a much improved, detailed and optimized mesh
Intro video
Menu music
Jet engine backfire
Some easter eggs

I hope you enjoy it, and try to don't crash many cop cars! ;)



Just unrar all the files into your rFactor main folder


Copyright PLeonhart 2011

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you should just give it group b drifty rally physics. that would be fun
rocknrollfrenchfries on Jul-30-2013

Hello, Very good work. I was released another Tumbler for F1c based on luoniss33 3d sketchup model, with permission, and here is a gallery:

Avalaible also in white colour:

I want to ask for permission to use your backfire, your sounds, your cockpit and your lights in my Tumbler. If you don't want, I will understand. Thanks in advance. Regards.
JALNERVION on Aug-15-2011

Nice MOD!! I was wondering if I could put this on my server and invite some friends to run a race! I have my own private server I run from home.
Nice work thanks!!
speedraceremd on Aug-09-2011

Such a fantastic car, with a very unfitting engine (In real life). I have to say though, this is NOT ready for release but whatever, I'll gladly deliver some criticism.

* Better textures (I bet you're already working on it)
* This car is supposed to be RWD, the front wheels have no propulsion, this is sorta a big deal eh?
* The gearbox is all over the place, strange ratios especially.
Holiace on Aug-06-2011

Very nice work.. Thanks for sharing!
benjy93 on Jul-31-2011

Cool idea! nice work.. Thanks for sharing!
noroardanto on Jul-28-2011

It's the car. Chicks dig the car.
boca on Jul-27-2011

well this is... different? its very fun though!
Clone on Jul-27-2011

thanks for the feedback guys! Im gonna try to improve the handling today so I can focus in the 3d model later on; and thanks to the admins because they removed the bad links so fast... amazing
PLeonhart on Jul-26-2011

thank you, you work it´s amazing, it´s a big effort, sorry for my bad english
Vladi_21 on Jul-26-2011

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