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Threns 8track 1

By: thren
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Novel
Initial release: 25-Jul-09
Current release: 1, on 25-Jul-09

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Screenie by: Bittered
Screenie by: Bittered
Screenie by: Bittered
Screenie by: Bittered
Screenie by: Bittered
Screenie by: Bittered
Screenie by: Bittered
Screenie by: Bittered
Screenie by: Bittered
Screenie by: Bittered

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A track in the shape of a figure 8 with a cross-over in the middle, not a bridge.

Used BTB, 3dsimed and photoshop,

Made for the V8 supercar series, but should be fine with any production car series. Nascars too I think.

Ive been told that it would make a good Drift track, but I dont race using the drift mods, so Im not sure.

With V8's its a fast foot to the floor track, and with 30 AI or other races the cross over makes practice laps fun :)

This track is normally running on one of -=[FDG]=-'s rfactor server.
Info on the server can be found at

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Dierin on Jul-16-2020

Sux, 'cause the track is too long so the cars will never hit each other int the middle.
thagazpacho on Mar-31-2018

MrRandom, please try link again.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Oct-29-2012

Hey. Im quite interested in downloading this track, however the current link here doesn't work. Is there anywhere arose where we can download it?
MrRandom287 on Oct-27-2012

Very fun track, drives more like a road course in places. But there's two problems: the AI simply follows the centerline of the track and has not apparently been worked on to optimize their lines at all, such that I, as a GT2 driver, can outrun LMP2's. Second, cars often will flip over the wall after collisions on the crossover and be unable to get back on the track (wall should either be higher or there should be a catchfence). Yeah, with full damage they'll most likely be out of the race anyway, but I've had upwards of a dozen AI drivers stuck out there.
John DiFool on Feb-13-2010

Both FDG Special Event 1 and 2, absolutely went off!!!!!

Thanks to Threns 8 Track.

I fraps'd a short Promo for our Special events, have a look here.

The 3rd SE will be of a dirty nature, and hosted on our new Dirt Server, MWM Arenas and an EWE track called Booma currently running with ORR Trucks and EWE SuperBuggies allowed. This server is Public.

Come say Hi at

New rego's are moderated atm, but normally access is given the next day.
-=[FDG]=-Stitch. on Sep-02-2009

Any aussies who are enjoying this track, may be interested in signing up for my teams "fun race night"

Numbers are restricted, but there is still room.
So sign up and lets create some carnage together
Bittered on Aug-06-2009

(the return) lol... still loving this track, \\(';')// but i simply had to calm the racing surface down a bit... got a bit carried away and put some wider edges and a new sky in too... i almost feel bad for doing it, but the eyes ooooh the eyes.. \\(';')// lol GREAT TRACK... this is what ive been missing to while away the hours
THEDUMMY on Jul-28-2009

This type of imaginative design is what rFactor is all about....WELL DONE! A ton of fun to drive.
sir wheeley banton on Jul-27-2009

Awesome stuff Great work matey.
-=[FDG]=-Stitch. on Jul-26-2009

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