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ThunderFrog 1

By: Laszlo Szabo and Laszlo Fenyi
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Street
Initial release: 07-Aug-11
Current release: 1, on 07-Aug-11

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Screenie by: Laszló Szabó
Screenie by: Laszló Szabó

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

ThunderFrog - Electric fantasy car.

- RWD drive
- 240 km/h top speed
- 3 gears

The lights only work on DirectX9! (if doesn't work, then set it back to DX7 in rf config and again to DX9!)

If you get low FPS with AIs ,please select the THUNDERFROGAI instead of THUNDERFROG in opponents filter!

The car does not like the kerbs ;)


Copy all the files and folders into your rFactor directory.

Delete the TF folders from \gamedata\vehicles , \gamedata\sounds , \gamedata\shared Remove 3 files from rFm : TF.rfm , TF_logo.tga and TF.tga

László Szabó - idea , 3d/2d , sounds , skins and parts of physics
László Fényi - physics (suspension , engine)
Bence Kállai - testing Péter Szeder - testing István Mikle - testing and help in lightflare effect
Special thanks to:
Zsolt Török - name of the car
Péter Makovics - helping in carparts appearance

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Hi feefish001!

Thank you for your feedback!
The steeringwheel was planned with only two spokes!
Target78 on Aug-09-2011

I tried the other download link and it works. Great mod and very fun to drive! Only problem I notices is the steering wheel in the cockpit seems to be missing some of the silver parts.
feefish001 on Aug-09-2011

Hi feefish001!

I removed the mod from my rfactor and unzipped all files from zip ,but its working in dx7,dx8 and dx9 !
My friends is tested this mod before my released.
Sorry ,but me don't know why not working for you!
Maybe broken the downloaded file or not all files copied?
Target78 on Aug-09-2011

Doesn't work. When the game start up it has the Thunderfrog logo, but it shows a car from the last mod I had selected (the 1960 indy mod) and then It CTDs when I go to the vehicle select screen.
feefish001 on Aug-08-2011

Yes maybe need lot time for full charge on real world
But this is fantasy car for fun
Target78 on Aug-08-2011

When you pit for fuel do you have to wait overnight for a full charge?
CorvusCorax on Aug-08-2011

WHOA! That's some phat ride. Time to race them.
TeshawnEdmonds on Aug-07-2011

Short video.
The car is done ,but need some testing
Target78 on Jul-30-2011

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