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ThunderHill Raceway Park 2

By: Bud Lucas/Andy55
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 04-Apr-07
Current release: 2, on 06-May-07

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This is the short version of the Thunderhill track located in Willows, CA. Originally made for GPL by James Sowell and now convert to rFactor by Andy55 and Bud Lucas.

Please feel free to improve the track, all we ask is that you share any updates with the rest of us.

2.0 Updates

This release contains both the Short and Long track versions. The Short version has been updated to remove the grandstands and reduce the tire smoke and dust. This is the initial release of the Long version.

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when I open the track, it says it has a problem loading the .MAS file in rfactor.

What could I be doing wrong?
jeroesteve on Nov-22-2015

very nice but has anyone added the west course yet?
justsideways on Nov-22-2015

8/23/2010, Link worked today. Thank You Bud & Andy! Your The Best!!! Great work as always guys, Please keep them coming!!!
Personally I think Bud and Andy are way under appreciated for all the awesome tracks they have been giving us free loaders!
If, When they ever stop making tracks, they will be truly missed and the racing world will never be the same!
I wish you guys the best and a long healthy life with many more killer tracks in your futures!
You guys will go down in history, some far away day, as two of the best, giving individuals in the world of rFactor!
I cast my vote for you both, right now, to be two of the first, to be inducted into a Real, future, "Hall Of Fame" for those people who have contributed
In a Big Way to rFactor racing and Mod making!
WildWolf on Aug-23-2010

the link above doesn't work. can someone post the link pls.
bellwilliam on Jul-22-2010

Try this link for both long and short versions.;/fileinfo.html

Bud Lucas on Aug-14-2009

The maps is totally sweet, but only the short version. Anyone have the long version?
modulation on Aug-11-2009

please help!! where do I think the full long version of the track?

Steven on Jul-05-2009

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