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Thunderbolt Raceway 2.10

By: mcb52
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 06-Oct-09
Current release: 2.100, on 17-Nov-10

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Screenie by: mcb52
Screenie by: mcb52
Screenie by: mcb52
Screenie by: mcb52
Screenie by: mcb52
Screenie by: mcb52
Screenie by: mcb52
Screenie by: mcb52
Screenie by: mcb52
Screenie by: mcb52

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A new version of my ThunderBolt Raceway.
In this version I did some needed updates on the scenery files. Changed some of the elevations and added a new bridge and a new Race Control Building that looks more like the actual building. I also tweaked the AIW files.

I would like to thank Frank Borg for designing and creating the Race Control Building.

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this track is pretty good except for the fact that the Ai drivers are very bad at driving this track, i can do a 1.16 compared to a 1.27(in a toyota atlantic)i obviously could try and compensate for that with skill level but then i can't run a regular championship with it. other than that its pretty great hope you try lightning and the kart circuit next.
monzakarter on Jan-28-2013

Just a heads-up for anyone planning to use this for hosting races. There's a error on this track somewhere in the grass outside of T1. I went really wide on a practice lap and that lap wasn't scored (the result was that rF recorded me doing one a laptime 2x as long as it should). Also in a league race, one car was out-of-control and hit the armco on the outside of T1. His car was then stuck teleporting back and forth from a position on the track and 1/2 way inside the armco.

Overall, it's a good track but race hosts should be aware of potential issues that will screw up results and/or annoy the racers.
F1Fan07 on Nov-18-2012

all the links don't work can anyone re add it through media fire?
monzakarter on Nov-11-2012

Thanks for all your comments. If anyone would like to add to or rework this track, you're welcome to try it. I've went just about as far as I can. Please contact me at
I know the track needs the water tower, the flag stand and other buildings. I'll give you all I have as far as BTB files.
mcb52 on Sep-26-2011

Here is a real-life full lap video in 1080p. I hope it helps with further development of the track.
kill4f00d on Jul-07-2011

Hate to bring up an old thread, but I live 10 mins. away from the track in Millville, been to two races at the facility, and I must say, you are pretty close with the layout. Nice work!
flyersfan4888 on May-23-2011

i've raced at thunderbolt a lot and this is a really good track I was wondering if you would think about building lightning because it's a really good track.
shrub on Dec-22-2010

SunAlp2 at No-Grip I think was still interested.....if not maybe Racerm or Senormen
Eurostc1 on Nov-18-2010

There were a few people that approached me asking to convert this track to GTR2. So far I haven't seen any.
mcb52 on Nov-18-2010

thank you again , hope we see the GTR2 version as well !!
Eurostc1 on Nov-18-2010

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