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Toban Raceway Park track update 1

By: cosm1 and MMG

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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MAK-Corp Toban Texture Update v1.0

Original Track: ISI

Update By: MMG's COSM1

Description: This track update done by MAK-Corp's (MMG's) COSM1 provides a whole new texture update
to the track originally done by ISI in the rFactor Base Game. The new textures bring the track to
life with a more realistic racing atmosphere.

Rights to the Texture update are owned by COSM1 and MAK-Corp, DO NOT use them without express written permission
unless you are Gjon from ISI.


This track update may be used in racing leagues and sponsored events. These Track Textures must not be used in any
personal track projects without express written permission from MAK-Corp.

If you wish to use these textures on your own project or product, please contact us on

Please ensure you download this track update from to ensure you have the right version. MAK-Corp
reserves the right to be held accountable for any computer problems, loss of files or failures that may
be caused from downloading this track from third party websites.


COSM1: For all the new textures he created which are amazing. GREAT JOB!

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nice thanks for this

- spiritual life coach
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

Go to their site, click on the "downloads" tab, and then search for "Toban". You must register with their site, but it's free and easy.
davet319 on May-23-2012

The link is still down and I can't navigate around their new webpage to find the file.
cjkarter01 on May-01-2012

Fresh and beautiful paint for one of the best circuits in rfactor ¡¡¡thanks!! and dont cut the corners wet paint!!!
sancochito on Jan-26-2011

Children, relax! Link is not dead. Please be savvy and patient. Like Me.

Right under the boldface title header title you see the little red user links of the people who made it. Kudos to them.

Anyway, clik that little cosm1 red link and you get his homepage and the download tab. Please tell me you cant miss how big that DOWNLOAD tab is. Thank You.

It's in the "Non-MMG Track Updates" section on the lower left.

Patience is a virtue. This link is alive and well.

And I hope I made this completely idiot proof. Your welcome.
thesinner on Jan-11-2011

By the way, I have done a texture update for Toban as well, (released on NOgrip before this was released on rFc). Just tell me what you think of it. (rFc won't release it on the website for some reason).
Rockett_man on Nov-22-2010

ty NanookUK, Stjepanj i have tried the link right now and it works fine to me
cosm1 on Nov-04-2010

The new textures bring toban to life, wish all the tracks looked like this, they seem realy drab now in comparison. Good job Cosm1.
NanookUK on Sep-17-2010

link is dead man!!!
Stjepanj on Aug-29-2010

Cheers Cosm1 I'll give it a try soon
NanookUK on Aug-28-2010

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