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Tokyo Drift In Odaiba 1

By: Ryosuke JP and Ryosuke JP
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 15-Apr-10
Current release: 1, on 16-Apr-10

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Screenie by: Ryosuke-San
Screenie by: Ryosuke-San
Screenie by: Ryosuke-San
Screenie by: Ryosuke-San
Screenie by: Ryosuke-San
Screenie by: Ryosuke-San

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For fans of pure drift, here is the original route of D1GP Odaiba Tokyo Drift in 2008 was 2010 which is organized each year for the D1GP season.

This map is taken by GPS , max speed line main straight around 120km / h, launched the drift between 1and double cone yellow , Before the electricity pole
For the ideal path , look in the monitor and then conditions, the Drift King , Keiichi Tsuchiya explains it to you!

- The foam block moves , if you need to restart the system to the replace the foam block, if he bothers you in the path , push move the foam block,

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Thank You Very Much I Have Project New JDM Drift Car Reboot IHave Model And I Not Import car To Over steer Mod
infernos on Jul-23-2010

a video showcasing 4+ mins of this odaiba track. nice camera angles + drifting etc...
cte drift on Jun-23-2010

i have been sessioning this further over the past few days. i really love this version.

fps is a truly a major issue though. :'( several regular drifters have been un-able to continue play on this with 2 or more players in the room. i also find this one of the biggest fps hitters ive come across in RF,

besides that, the couple of sessions ive had here have been great. i have posted some info and screens about your track on the following page. i hope thats ok:

also, i admin an rfactor 24/7 server that runs the 'oversteer/jdm drift mod'. your track has been added. server info is here: ">http://www.edrifting.n...rum.....?f=29&t=150

cte drift on Jun-01-2010

nice track man. i love to drift adubz version of odaiba in rfactor with the oversteer mod. i tried your version out yesterday. very very good man. love all the detail you have in there. track layout is great too.

if you were to make any updates for this... i have 3 things i would love for you to tweak.. 1) more camera angles - specifically cameras highlighting the cars distance from the wall on the entry + the cars rear distance from the foam wall around t1 (clear side on close up following the car). other camera views around the track would be cool too (no cameras around pit area etc?). 2) the track seems very fps heavy for me and others, so a tweak in that department would be great... 3) more lights for night time drifting!! i was so pleased to see you had some lights in there. thank you! not many tracks i drift have them, and i love night time drifting. more would be better here for sure. enough lighting to see the full sector/pit/course during full night time driving would be awesome.

other than that, i love it mate. any plans for more drift tracks??

thank you and respect for making this.
cte drift on May-30-2010

Just a question what mod ae u using in the screenshots for this track ( the cars i mean )
Fuzzeh on May-27-2010

We are supposed to guess the download link, aren't we?
Fjorge on Apr-24-2010

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