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Top Fuel 0.10

By: GDP Racing
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Novel
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: GDP Racing
Screenie by: GDP Racing
Screenie by: GDP Racing
Screenie by: GDP Racing

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Top Fuel Dragster GDP

Lastest description modification: 11/16/2010.

First of all, please consider that it's my first car I've ever made, and I've only used the 3DSimEd.

The only things I've created are all rollbars structure (except the wheelie bar), and the outside body (paint scheme). Other parts (tires, engine, axis, wheel, pedal, seat, brakes, springs, etc) were been taken from other cars and I only put them in the right place.

I've made this car for hobby, many things could not be exactly as real life, like the sound (it really looks like real life but you can critic), the mechanics, etc. There is a big failure if you want to make a paint scheme, it's a shame.

Unfortunately, I've stopped doing this Mod because a new and a better one is been done by someone else.
Sorry, I won't get back to work on this Mod, not even if someone ask me for keep working on it, sorry once again, my apologies.

The downloadable link is the final one, no matter what the progress bar says (it says 0.10, but as I won't work anymore on this it's could be consider as 1.00).

If someone wants to fix or modify something of it, I will let you.
To sign up, just enjoy...!

Lastest description modification: 11/16/2010.

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does ANYONE out there have the original link, or perhaps something updated from what this guy started with ? I did have the original beta, but I no longer have the files, and would love them back, because I was able to get the car to around 315 in a Quarter Mile without rolling over. ANY help would be amazing...thanks!
(GRI) garv on Mar-11-2014

Please can someone put a link? thx
Manu2u on Jun-13-2013

I have messed with this, and Ive got the car to do realistic speeds and times. Message me for it
(GRI) garv on Nov-05-2012

i am going to start workin on it ill shot this guy a email when iam done
anthony69 on Jun-20-2011

Rfactorfan445 on Apr-25-2011

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