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Top Speed Area 30km 1

By: Gabojosue
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 06-Oct-11
Current release: 1, on 09-Oct-11

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Screenie by: gabojosue
Screenie by: gabojosue
Screenie by: gabojosue
Screenie by: gabojosue
Screenie by: gabojosue
Screenie by: gabojosue
Screenie by: gabojosue
Screenie by: gabojosue
Screenie by: gabojosue
Screenie by: gabojosue

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use this track to hit high speeds or cars difficult!
the track can be invented and used for testing ...
a track of 30.4 km length can serve a lot ...
can use the following cars on this track!:
Thrust SSC-Bugatti Veyron, Mclaren F1, SSC Ultimate Aero, and all you want!
is a small file and downloaded in an instant!

1-100% fixed AI
2-30 km for Top Speeds!
3-capacity for 31 AI
4-is a open track
5-File weight: 18,76 mb
6-is a straight area for top speeds

Thanks for downloading the track and enjoy!

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Fixed cameras in version 3.
newstart027 on Dec-01-2016

gabojosue on Jul-12-2015

gabojosue on Jul-12-2015

En esta pista/sprint se permite el uso de cualquier tipo de auto/coche.

In this track/sprint is allowed any type of car/vehicle.
gabojosue on Jul-12-2015

Brilliant track the best for top speed testing!
JASONROCKS1998 on Mar-16-2015

Lo pongo ne castellano....el juego se me sale con la pantalla de carga del circuito...solo sirve para algunos autos o puedo usar cualkiera??? por favor respondame que kiero jugar esta pista !!!! gracias
Prodriver77 on Nov-03-2014

The track crash for me at the moment of loading...what can i do??? Can i use any car??? or only cars of 1000km/h ?
Prodriver77 on Nov-03-2014

To fix the flickering shadows:
Go to the scn file and change the number of clipplanes in both views, main and rear >>ie main: ClipPlanes=(0.05, 20500.0) rear: ClipPlanes=(0.5, 2050.0)

Go to the *.cam file and change ALL Clipplanes to at least 25000
erwin greven on Jan-29-2014

Mauro11 on Jul-27-2013

pedro2020 on Jun-01-2013

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