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Toronto GP - Exhibition Place 0.10

By: AJ Gutierrez
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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I'm so sorry guys but last year was a crazy year for me, However I have a pretty good amount of info from the track now inlcuding pictures and videos that i can use to make it one heck of a track. If you want to help let me know :).

I will be starting the track again some time soon and will be hoping to get some help from the community.

See ya...


This is my local street circuit, i just love this track and i am working really hard so we can enjoy it...

Any help you guys can provide would be awesome, i.e; pictures, low poly (but decent) inside buildings and pits.. things like that.. as you see the track layout is almost done.. i hope i can release it before my own deadline...

Hope you guys like it!!!

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any more news on this update can't wait if it ever gets done let me no if u need anything i live close to it
E301718 on Oct-03-2010

Porco zio toglietele le cose quando smettete di lavorarci, capito coglione!!???
ITA-1000 on Sep-12-2010

Hm, looks like Alvaro has stopped working on it... :-(
mcfritt on Feb-12-2009

Hey Alvaro, the track project has now the same progress like more than a year ago ... You can try to contact Matt Thompson (who built Houston 07 Layout) and maybe he can help you. The base of the track looks good and it would be sad if this project go under.
Racemaster91 on Feb-05-2009

Thanks for start this project Alvaro, good start on the layout of the track ,i remember the cart days (indycar fedex series) back in the 90's .With your controbution the the indycar mods it would be great to have toronto in with the other tracks like mid-ohio,portland ect. keep up the good work.
mike27466 on Feb-05-2009

Are you still working on this track? I really hope so. CC fans will surely appreciate to have a good Toronto track.
mcfritt on Dec-27-2008

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