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Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga 1.60

By: Mark Shires
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 21-Nov-14
Current release: 1.600, on 21-Nov-14

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Screenie by: Mark Shires
Screenie by: Mark Shires

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I have reproduced the Toronto Motorsport Park (Cayuga) track. This track was completed back in 2012, so I am unsure as to whether any changes that have been made since then.

I have been contacted by lots of people regarding the release of the track since, so here it is.

For further information and other work that I have worked on including further mods please take a look at my website

If you do use the track, any donations made would be gratefully received and enable me to spend more time on future work.


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Broken link can someone upload it for me? please?
SnowFlake on Jun-20-2018

Thanks Malachi, I don't have any plans to do any further work on the track, as I said I made this track as part of a project a few years ago. With regards to the short version of the track the link up sections are actually there, it would just require some additional work to create/record all the different AI routes and remove the cones. If enough donations are received I would consider spending a day or so updating the track, but at the minute I can't dedicate enough time for unpaid work.

I'm glad the grandstands and other objects appear to be in the correct place.
To see further examples of my work and one of my latest tracks have a look at my website
markshires on Nov-26-2014

I have personally driven this track back in August. It was a father's day present, and I got to drive a Ferrari F430 F1 around the short version of this track. I was wondering if you were thinking of releasing the short version.

I also agree with erwin and yourself about the track furniture. It does seem sparse, but you are correct, there isn't much going on out there. Maybe some trees / agriculture in the background? That might break up the endlessness of the horizon. You did get the grandstands and other small structures spot on. I can actually pinpoint where I parked my road car on that day.... good work
malachi666 on Nov-26-2014

Thanks for the response erwin, I agree there is not much 'track furniture' present in the track, however there is not really that much there in real life, I have just had a quick look in the video you linked and I don't really see any additional features that aren't already included. The wind turbines seem to be the only addition that stands out that has been included in the last few years. I created this track for a client of mine, and creating it to be as close as possible to the supplied video (back then) was a requirement. Using my imagination and adding armco and pitbuildings that were not present was not part of my brief. Although I agree you could pad it out with stuff and add track day caravans and marquees etc.
markshires on Nov-26-2014

A more recent onboard lap.

Maybe an idea to update this track to modern standards using your imagination, by building grandstands, gravel traps, armco, pitbuildings and so on.
erwin greven on Nov-25-2014

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