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Touge Route01 Ver1.0 1

Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Rallycross
Initial release: 17-Nov-09
Current release: 1, on 17-Nov-09

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Screenie by: suzuki0rs
Screenie by: suzuki0rs
Screenie by: suzuki0rs
Screenie by: suzuki0rs

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The first in team TRB and original track MOD was completed.

This track is composed of the hairpin that winds the pass, and there are a section etc. of 99 breaking with the vertical interval, too.

PIT is a changeable setting that the grid is in front of the gate of the foot in the vicinity of the top.

There is not a troublesome thing of returning idly running to the starting point when reaching a goal the feature because of can a round like the circuit though the pass either.

It is possible to run in general and after it corrects it, I want to up-load it to running again though the obstacle is not thought to be when there is a change in trouble and the spectacle.

Please download once by all means and run.

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please someone post this track !!!!!
KobeBryant on Feb-18-2013


any chance to get this track?

no dl-links o.O
Schieber on Sep-21-2012

fantastic layout, compliments. I have tried with the mod rallyfactor and and' fantastic
bitto69 on Nov-29-2009

I'm running an 8800gt and it'll run ok, but not really as smooth as it could. If I cut shadows back to medium it runs completely smooth and doesn't really hurt the looks. I'd prefer not to have to change my settings just to run a track, but there are a few other tracks where I have to do the same. I guess I prefer changing a setting once in awhile to buying a new card.
timex on Nov-26-2009

Was just looking through the video and thought "This looks awesome... Wait a minute, are those Bob's Track Builder textures? Last time I tried to make a touge with this many trees in it I got around 10 fps in-game..." Looks like I was right. =)

Still, the track itself looks great, now if we can just get a little more optimized version.

And I've been reading his blog, looks like he just used the translator at for the info. While it is the best translator there is, japanese and english just don't really work like that together. =)

Apparently he's not going to make a lighter version, since he "made it for his own amusement". It runs acceptably on his computer, which is only a Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz, with a GF 9800GTX+ and 4 gigs of DDR2 800MHz. I wonder what settings he's using... Probably not full track quality anyway.
jubuttib on Nov-20-2009

awesome track!!but fps si slow...
Stjepanj on Nov-19-2009

Nice track, I love all those trees and stuff. With a Core i7 + 6GB DDR3 + 9800GTX+ 1GB, I get a performance hit of about 15 FPS (rock solid 60FPS (V-sync) with any other mod).
cheveoner on Nov-19-2009

this track is great in the ae86n2 mod by Gonzo_kool and crew

keeep these tracks comming i have no FPS problems GTX275 896mb ddr3 FTW!!!!
mclf1 on Nov-18-2009

yeah i agree with the trees, i have a quadcore Q9300, 4 gig of ram and an 8800GT 1 gig. it has no issues with any of the latest games but this track kills my FPS big time
zomble on Nov-18-2009

holy cow man. you're engrish is pretty bad. nonetheless i'm always ready for trying a new touge...

just tried it. it plays too slow. take out some trees and stuff. its really really slow.
rocknrollfrenchfries on Nov-17-2009

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