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Toyota Racing Series (TRS) 0

By: WGTL NZ Mod Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: sandyk
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Screenie by: sandyk
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Screenie by: sandyk

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Toyota Racing Series New Zealand’s premier single-seater category After two hugely successful seasons the racing has proved to be exciting, fast and very even as this competitive single-seater class goes into it's third season. Toyota has made a long-term commitment to support this major series which is a National Championship and attracts Premier Gold Star status along with the New Zealand Grand Prix title, one of the very few Grand Prix outside of Formula One. The TRS class gives a huge boost to single-seater racing in New Zealand. It is not only a competitive and financially accessible class for local teams but is also proving to be of real interest to overseas teams who see the series as a chance to compete in their Northern Hemisphere winter. ============================================ THE CAR Toyota 2ZZ-GE Engine - Cylinders: In-Line Four Cylinder - Capacity: 1800cc - Bore And Stroke: 82mm x 85mm - Compression Ratio: 11.5 - Power: 200BHP Approx. Front Suspension: - pushrod, monodamper Rear Suspension: - pushrod, two dampers Brake Discs: - ventilated, 274x17.5mm alcon Calipers: - 4 pistons, alcon Springs: - 58mmx140mm Wheel Rims: - aluminium, centre bolt fixation, front 8x13, rear 10x13 Safety: - fire system SPA, LED rear light Safety Harness: - 6 point 3" shoulder and lap straps Shock Absorbers: - bump and rebound adjustment Chassis: - Tatuus TT104NZ: monocoque carbon, F.I.A F3 Body: - Carbon Fibre Weight: - 480 KG Approx. Fuel: - FT3 38/40 Litres Tyres: - Michelin Gearbox: - sadev sequential, 6 speed limited slip differential ================================== Car has been fully remodelled and textured by Shuttle and Motorfx after chassis manufacturer Tatuus provided blueprints to assist with accuracy. Thanks to Team Automotion who are assisting with data and access to the cars to get full authenticity, including providing in car video to get authentic sound replication. Dave Purdy has agreed to assist,ok more like to create the physics. Sound expert will be required to create sound files from in car video.

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Latest Toyota Racing Series (TRS) Comments

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how far are we from seeing a release or wip think this will be the best car for rfactor
one of my favorite cars
ashton145 on Dec-30-2009

With permisson from the current head of this mod I have taken it over. I will update it as soon as I get a chance to see what stage it is currently at.
Monticus on Oct-30-2009

can i beta test this mod???
i like very much this car
zagor83 on Mar-08-2009

Is it possible to add the 2009 liveries to the mod? Since i dont know how far this mod is up to... Good Luck.
nelmesy16 on Jan-16-2009

Is this mod still work in progress? I cant wait for this mod, these cars are awesome to watch!

Keep it up mate!
nelmesy16 on Jan-08-2009

So i'm curious if this mod is still active as i've looked forward to it for awhile. Hopefully dev is continued
Husky42 on Aug-22-2008

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Toyota Racing Series (TRS)