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Toyota Supra MKIV 1

By: Siim Annuk (Some1) and Niels Heusinkveld
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 31-Aug-09
Current release: 1, on 31-Aug-09

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Screenie by: danijel19
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Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

After the Corvette C6 comes another mod from Siim and Niels: the
Toyota Supra MKIV!

This iconic Japanese car comes in two flavours, a 220hp normally aspirated one and a 320hp twin turbo. There are some styling upgrades such as rims available but the performance is bone stock. We aim to model the cars as they originally left the factory, before nasty body kits and ugly exhausts messed with the looks, and large mega lag turbos messed with the pure handling. The only performance tweaks are the optional rear wing, affecting aerodynamics, and the 220hp version can
be fitted with a limited slip differential.

Also, the mod features customized shaders (light flares for example) that attempt to boost the visual quality of the old rFactor graphics engine.

Special thanks to Racing Line Developments allowing us to use sounds
from the pacecar (a Supra!) in their CARTFactor mod!

Known issues/bugs:
* DX7/DX8 mode is not recommended (although mod works...)
* For best graphics experience it is recommended to run this mod with all rFactor gfx settings maxed (duh!).

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Please help me. All Cars are Chrome
cargio015 on May-22-2017

Do you have a tyre compound mod for the mod ? I found out it gets more slippary when it heats up.
LohCS on Jan-24-2017

where the hell is the huge single turbo from this? i once downloaded this a long time ago and i had 400+hp, 750hp, and over 1000hp engines in the upgrades... where are those now?!?! i want it..
Tomppelix on Mar-21-2015

Pleaseee put a 55-60 deg sterig wheel (make classic drift car) !!!
gamer561020 on Jul-09-2014

Please help me. I get a message saying Error opening MAS file\TOYOTA\SUPRAMKIV\TEXTURE.MAS. Anyone know how to fix this problem??
Ferrari2430 on Mar-07-2014

a Ghost need this!
Ghostrider007 on Oct-10-2013

see my update!

i would like update this mod with my update and change wheels, exhaust...

tks for advance contact me on youtube
remi58500 on Apr-28-2013

Hi, I`ve merged this car with shift street mod just for my own use (mostly because I want some diffirent street AI cars while driving supra, and all tracks and cars is taking forever to load) but the thing is it looks mat it lost all the reflections just not as nice as in the supra mod on it`s own as I`ve got shift street mod witch is using sstr shaders and supra just doesn`t cope with that. Do you have any hints how to fix that?
Kret9 on Mar-10-2013

with the Supra you did a spectacular job how would you like to make another masterpiece by creating another car this time Italian: the Lancia Prisma.Io know it's not a famous car from the competitive point of view but would really appreciate a mod to many fans of Italian cars and / or Lancia
r5678 on Feb-15-2013

The latest DX version is backwards compatible with older versions of DX. rF1 only uses versions 7,8 and 9. If youve got 9c, you have all the previous versions. It's always been that way.
jimcarrel on Nov-05-2012

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