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Tracks and Seasons 1.13

By: Orko

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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The tool enables you to rename tracknames for single playing, and to undo the changes by mouseclick for online games, it's also possible to start rfactor only with selected tracks filtered by location or tracktype. It enables you to create seasons and simple mods. Furthermore it's possible to convert "unmixable mods" like ETCC03 to "mixable mods", all changes will be undone by mouseclick, show statistics and much more - requires Framework 2 - requires screenresolution 1024x768 minimum What's New ??? Version - fixed all found bugs, code cleanup - implement track picture on edit page - rewrote trackfiltering, speeds up selecting time, nicer, easier handling, possibility to filter by location or filter by tracktype, both filter use separate files, undo by mouseclick or new programstart - add search for tracks (find special track by name) on all tracks windows - work on vehicle selection, now "mixable" and "unmixable" Mods, are shown in seperate lists - more tools selectable, show tools in toolstrip - add plr edit - players are stored in ini file, by now only for plr-edit - optical fixes - add possibility to load existing Mods and Seasons -better error and message handling -add enable/disable mods ( like Outrunner's tool, only a few lines more code on my base) - show picture of Mod, you have to copy and convert both tga files to jpg Version - added trackinfo - added converting of "unmixable Mods", undo bei mouseclick - much work on layout - many small changes - work on speed - work on handling Version - trackinfo is now editable - add rating to tracks edit - add deleting of own created rfm, dis and aos - "Scan at startup" switch - add filtering by vehicles count and rating (only if info file is written - add own Score-System - add statistics - work on optic, new found tracks now coloured "Gold", edited tracks coloured "Whitesmoke" - speed up start - work on optic - fixed all found errors to be continued ... See screenshots on downloadpage for further informations PLEASE give me feedback !!! I can't improve my tool, if nobody says what's going wrong. thx Micha

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Buy the way if you need any further support or your bluetooth is create the problems in the openaing time windows 10 enable bluetooth then it means some setting has been corrupt so just try to solve it as soon as possible.
ankit941 on Sep-11-2018

haroldtyson23 on Jul-17-2018

very good!!!
wagnerlouco1 on Nov-07-2009

I had the same problem but when I tried to get the Framework Version 2.0 it said it could be installed on a 64 bit system?

Any ideas?


Originally posted by: x_acto

@Social Disorder

I had the same problem as you.

You need to download the "Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0" at Microsoft website.

StOBeR on Mar-26-2009

@Social Disorder

I had the same problem as you.

You need to download the "Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0" at Microsoft website.
x_acto on Dec-28-2008

Download Tracks and Seasons from here:
tomekf248 on Dec-20-2008

I would love to use this tool, but it doesn't work... I downloaded it from some other site, because there is no download link here on RFC.

I allready tried putting the .exe in the main rFactor folder, or just on the desktop, but somehow it doesnt work. A error messages keeps popping up saying:

'The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application'

I run Windows XP SP3. Any help?

Thanks you.
Social Disorder on Nov-28-2008

it's a beta version, some translations of messages aren't ready and help is only in german, my english is terrible, maybe someone can send me correct translations.

regards Micha

Very useful tool, as you say I'm only missing the english traduction of the help file (I'm spanish, but I understand english better than german).
I have used this tool to rename all my tracks so they appear shorted in the rFactor menu, and it is the best tool I have seen to create my own seasons and championships. It can also be used to launch the game with certain mod activated, and to watch your statistics and records with the different mods and tracks, but I'm afraid I might be missing other features.
I have not found any bug until now.
Fern on Aug-22-2008

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