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Transfagarasan 2

By: Goibaka
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 31-Jul-11
Current release: 2, on 08-Apr-13

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Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: Goibaka

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

The Transfagarasan (trans (over, across) + Fagaras) or DN7C is the most dramatic and second-highest paved road in Romania. Built as a strategic military route, the 24/90 km of twists and turns run north to south across the tallest sections of the Southern Carpathians.

More FPS:
Set in rFactor shadows high.

----------UPDATE 1.01----------------

- Fix terrain mesh.
- Fix cameras movement, Hillclimb
- Fix track cameras and bias texture, +35% FPS
- New grid, 21 cars on track now (before was 16)
- Fix texture "Curbe deosebit de periculoase"
- New tree walls
- IA it's better now

Asphalt Hillclimb (23,6 km)
Gravel Hillclimb (23,6 km)
Asphalt Downhill (23,6 km)
Gravel Downhill (23,6 km)
SS1 Asphalt Hillclimb (10,29 km)
SS2 Asphalt Hillclimb (13,04 km)
SS3 Asphalt Downhill (13,04 km)
SS4 Asphalt Downhill (10,29 km)
SS5 Gravel Hillclimb (10,29 km)
SS6 Gravel Hillclimb (13,04 km)
SS7 Gravel Downhill (13,04 km)
SS8 Gravel Downhill (10,29 km)

----------UPDATE 2.0----------------


- Old objects were delete and all objects are new now.
- New vegetation
- No tree shadows problem
- 3 grips surfaces on road
- 60% old track retexturized.
- New asphalt and gravel textures.
- 12 events
- Special effects (crowd, flashes, timer...)
- Optimization, up to +200% FPS
- Others

Goibaka 2013

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newstart027 on Oct-18-2016

track doesnt load stops at 75%
Diamonds4Y on Oct-10-2015

"Error opening MAS of Sky.mas "
Forcer on Nov-15-2014

Very nice tracks ! thanks
landro on Jun-21-2013

thanks goybaka, mate! you're keeping me busy here.
any chance for a south release anytime soon or the loops for the north?
booo on May-19-2013

Audi Sport Quattro Hotlap:
bazsi40 on May-15-2013

What can I say? This is one of the best rfactor P2P tracks ever made and you made it even better. Thanks for your work and for sharing it with us.
timex on Apr-27-2013

Well, I did marked the update down very slightly for FPS but having said that I didn't have much of an issue, considering I'm running this on a laptop.
I think it seems to run pretty well for such a highly detailed track.

Frankly, I've been having more trouble avoiding those aforementioned vans parked on the hairpins, but that's more likely because I'm a crud driver lol.
Seems like you almost put those vans there as targets for us to aim at

Anyway, its a fantastic update, near perfect in my eyes. No major bugs that I've found.

And you even filled in the map of the valley so I didn't fall off the edge of the map when I overcooked a hairpin turn on my first run. You should try some offroading - it's great fun! Well maybe not...

Thanks a lot!

There'll be a vid of this on YT later tonight - look it up on my jims974 channel if you like
cutback73 on Apr-16-2013

Im suffering from serious FPS issues with this track.
I think it's due to so many visible objects also carrying collision data, perhaps invisible walls would help instead...
Another thought, I don't think roadside objects need to be so detailed, I spotted a van on a hairpin I have real trouble with that has an open back door & a 3D interior...
I hope there's another version coming out as it's a great effort & so close to perfect, just a few little niggles left that make it like racing through a bad stop-motion film
BLeeK on Apr-14-2013

downloaded from medifire twice, when I extract to game locations get error message that TRANSFAGARASANNORTH.mas is broken ?
Mickfang on Apr-10-2013

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