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Tri-City Speedway 1

By: Quentin Waynick a.k.a. qwaynick
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Ovals
Initial release: 03-Sep-07
Current release: 1, on 03-Sep-07

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Tri-City Speedway 2007 for rfactor Readme.
By Quentin Waynick

Track Info:

Tri-City Speedway is a 3/8 mile oval with 10 degrees of banking in the turns. The track was originally a 1/2 mile track with a 1/4 mile in the center. But the owners made huge changes to the track in 2007 that have made the track one of the premier tracks in the Nation. The track is comprised of Mississippi River "Gumbo" which is a very dark and rich dirt that provides loads of grip. The current latemodel track record is a 14.562 held by Wes Steidinger. The current sprintcar track record is held by Zach Chappell with a 12.174. The track boasts they very own transponder timing system and some of the best side by side action you can find in the Midwest.


Extract the folder contained in this .rar file named tricity2007 to your GameData/Locations/DirtFactor folder. Installing to any other directory will most likely cause a .MAS file or gmotor2 error.


All models created by Q. Waynick with the exception of the vehicles caution lights. Appologies to the orginal creators of these items as I am unsure who they were originally created by. Many of the models I use have been collected over several years of simracing and it's hard for me to remember my name much less those of other people who I've never personally met. If you made the models, I thank you greatly!

Most textures created by Q. Waynick with the exception of the textures that accompany the previously mentioned models. Also the dirt, grass, wall, trees, gravel, and concrete textures were borrowed from our friends at Ratbag via the DTR line of games.

Known Issues:

Several issues to note but none too bothersome.

First to address the various model issues. Most of which will only be apparent to those simracers who have personally visited Tri-City Speedway.

1. The pit area of the track is far from exact. I positioned this to accomodate functionality rather than appearance. The AIW would not easily work with the real layout of the track.

2. Various areas of the walls are slightly different than the real track. The wall that follows the pit entrance is angled sooner than the real track for instance. And if you have driven the real track you'll notice that the wall on the entrance to the pits on the back straight sits further in going into turn 3 than the real track. Most of these errors occured due to the fact that I hadn't walked the track till after I modeled the basic features. But for this instance I believe it will work just fine.

3. The tower on the infield is slightly different than the real track. At the real track if you're looking at the tower from the stands in most cases you will not notice the stairs on the rear of the building. Again, when I modeled the tower I hadn't been on the track and therefore wasn't aware of the feature. I just didn't feel it was necessary to alter the model just for the stairs. The current model deplicts the real building just fine.

4. I did not include the yellow caution strobes that are located on the front straight under the flag stand or on the back straight on top of the wall. It was tough enough to get the caution lights that I provided working. And I figure that 4 lights in the turns was adequate anyway.

5. The scoreboard! I hate this thing. I worked 3 days straight trying to get the board to work but was never able to do so. I saught assistance from several people who recommended many different "fixes" with no success. Therefore, I simply provided the scoreboard with the current latemodel track record of 14.562 that is held by Wes Steidinger and the current top 5 car numbers in points for the latemodels at TCS.

6. The safety car driver is still stupid. Although it is better than the one at Crownpoint. I will slow significantly before entering the pits off turn 3. If you're just patient you'll avoid hitting the car and still have plenty of time to come up to speed before the green drops.

7. Speaking for the green flag. I provided a flagman in the flagstand who holds tightly to that green rag all the time. I think there's a way to make the flag color change, but I just didn't feel like messing with it. Also, when the race goes green the green lights will come on in the turns. However, they will only remain on for approximately 10 - 15 seconds and then shut off. But once the caution comes out the yellow light will stay on for the entire caution period. I looked for information on how to keep the green light on during green flag action but couldn't find anything. But what is there works good and it's kinda nice.

8. The scales behind the wall on the front straight are completely diffent than the ones at the real track. I considered changing them but it would require me changing the infield model as the scale at the real track are sunk into the ground. The scales I modeled are pretty cool and you can drive across them.


I'm on a very basic Dell computer and my performance is not great by any means. I tested the track extensively using 12 AI cars on the track both at day and night. The FPS never drops below 25 for me. Obviously this depends on where you are on the track. More objects means more verts/polys. While I know that 25 FPS isn't great by any means it does allow for people will small systems to race. Also know that I have many of my display options turned to "High". As you all know, performance can be improved by turning these options down to "medium" or "low". I don't believe this track will cause any more of a performance problem than say I-55 which has a large number of verts/polys. Night racing for some might be a challenge as usual due to the light settings and shadows of darkness that I worked into the track.


I have to extend my appreciation to several people.

Tim Bennett has been a great mentor for me with creating tracks in rfactor. Without his assistance I don't believe I'd be where I'm at now. Brad Moore also provided me with lots of input when I first came over to rfactor. I appreciate both of them and I'm glad to consider them my "online" friends.

Thanks to all those who tested Tri-City with me all those late nights. Without your input I wouldn't have been able to make the changes necessary to make this track as great as I believe it is. I hope you all enjoyed hanging out with me while we turned some quality laps.

A huge thanks to Tri-City Speedway owners Kevin and Tammy Gundaker! I approached them late in the project about using sponsor logos and the TCS track logo for the track. They were gracious enough to give me full reign of the project and access to whatever I needed. It makes me feel good that they felt my efforts where worth putting their seal of approval on. I hope I've represented their track well and created something they can be proud of. I know the fans of the track are proud of what they've done with the facility since taking over a few years back. The new 3/8 mile track is simply amazing and will be a favorite of fans and racers alike across the country for years to come!

Lastly, thanks to the simracing community for embracing me so well. It's very humbling to speak to some of the people I have met online. At times I feel like an elder of the community and I'm proud that you all have allowed me to take that roll. In my full-time profession I don't normally get pats on the back too often. Yet I come here and get more than I deserve. I appreciate the respect that everyone gives me and hope that I continue to deserve that in the future. I also would like to thank those of you who have respected my wishes not to hand out Beta versions of this track. In light of the problems I had with Crownpoint being handed around I was very hesitant to share this track with people. You all seemed to prove yourselves and I'll remember that with my next project. If there was any of you who decided to hand out my work without my permission. Shame on you. And you better hope I don't find out.

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hey I want to know where I can get the tri-city 08 thanks all I see is the 07

HVR_OTTER on Aug-30-2009

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