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Trial Mountain 0.90

By: Ewan (Uzzi) Chalker
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Uzzi
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Screenie by: Uzzi
Screenie by: Uzzi
Screenie by: Uzzi

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This is my only track to survive my hard drive crash. Unfortunately another artist released a similar version, so I'm canceling this project, at least for rFactor. Look for it on BeamNG.Drive!

Here's a new scratch built version of the classic Gran Turismo track. I’m trying to recreate the first version, and adding in some elements from the GT3,4 versions too, plus a lot artistic license.

So far I’ve modeled all the road sections of the track, the 3 tunnels, the pit area and roughed out some of the mountains and cliffs. No release date possible, but its progressing very nicely.

This is not a conversion in any way from Play Station, and its all from examination and my imagination.

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There is nothing else way other than to reset your password. After completion, from the home food selection open the application.
Wonelf446 on Apr-12-2018

Could I make a conversion of this mod to Assetto Corsa?
LuiskillBR on Mar-27-2018

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Samuel597 on Dec-21-2017

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Victoria851 on Nov-02-2017

without paying anything. So men currently we have actually How to use GameCIH the internet games, you might not be able to utilize this app.
Martin582 on Oct-10-2017

I'm building this track for now, if you like that game check it out.
Uzzi on Nov-29-2015

Nice track, please release!
eonmc2 on Jun-12-2012

Uzzi when you you expect to finish this track? Please finish it
Nikopt on Aug-07-2011

This seems much better than the GTR2 version. Please, release!
nandorock80 on Jan-06-2011

Looks like I'm not going to be racing this in rFactor... Oh well GT5 is coming very soon
Mr_0ddball on Oct-12-2010

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