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Troyton Raceway 1

By: Neil 'Krunch' Faichney
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 25-May-10
Current release: 1, on 25-May-10

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Screenie by: Silver BENZ
Screenie by: Silver BENZ
Screenie by: krunch
Screenie by: krunch
Screenie by: krunch
Screenie by: krunch
Screenie by: Silver BENZ
Screenie by: Silver BENZ
Screenie by: krunch
Screenie by: krunch

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

A scratch built fantasy track for rFactor.

Track Features
* Multiple layouts:
- GP circuit which is 5.2km long and includes a banked 180 degree turn
- Club circuit which is 4.2km long replacing the banked turn with a triple chicane
- Skid Pan - great for testing (races with AI result in a smash up derby!)
* Entire track follows the outline of the Troyton Racing logo
* Realistic driving surface with small bumps, crowning and camber
* High detail scenery to create unique atmosphere - feel free to explore
* High detail garages to add to the racing atmosphere
* Dynamic pitbox graphics for MODS that support it (eg V8Factor)
* Various parts of the track inspired by a number of real world tracks
* Crowd and announcer sounds in race sessions
* Basic night support with simple lighting
* a few 'Easter Eggs' to find for those with a curious mind

Intended Future Updates
* Stunt Pan layout with jumps, ramps, slaloms etc.
* Full night support with extensive lighting around whole track


All models, meshes, textures, graphics, artwork, & documentation were created by Neil Faichney except for the items indicated below.

Some models and textures reworked from originals by

Some models and textures used or reworked from originals found in the following BTB Xpacks:
- Default by Brendon Pywell (built-in to BTB)
- Rural Australia by Eric Tozer (ennisfargis) (built-in to BTB)
- Great Britain (RBR) by jay_p_666

All trademarks, names and logos appearing in this track remain the copyright of their respective owners.

Special thanks to:
* Rod Monk of Troyton Racing Simulators - for developing the Troyton Racing Simulator & suggesting this track idea
* Ben Eggleston of EMS - for testing and feedback
* The guys at Team ORSM - for lending testing time, advice and suggestions
* Stu Griffiths - for his modelling mentorship over the years
* Brendon Pywell (Piddy) - for the fantastic Bob's Track Builder tool
* My wife - for her longstanding tolerance and patience during this project
* My kids - for their giggles and their imaginative determination to explore every new polygon of this track :)

I hope you enjoy this track!


For full terms and conditions please view the licence details in the installer. They can also be found in the readme file.

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472/500 (884 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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I doubt anyone's gonna see this, but does anyone else have a safety car issue where the safety car gets stuck in some place outside the track?
xlstress on Nov-10-2013


I have seen your skybox in the Top Gear test track. I really like it and want to use this on my track (Grand Prix of Roggel WIP). Can I get your permission?

kind regards,

Yarach on Sep-24-2011

I love this track man. Great job. I have found the secret area. Sneeky! LOL
MOPAR426 on Apr-23-2011

Great work buddy, 8th place in the company that you're keeping is an excellent result.
Gavin.G on Feb-17-2011

I must say I'm very happy to have been a finalist in the 2010 MOTY awards. I ended up with 8th which I think is not too bad considering how good each of the other finalists was. To those who voted for this track - thanks indeed.
krunch on Feb-09-2011

Thank you for creating this track, it's awesome. I raced it at GRC and I loved it because every corner is different and it's impossible to get bored. This should be the chosen "MOTY2010"!
nobutora on Dec-29-2010

Usually I'm not interested in tracks that follow the outline of a logo. The people who create such tracks couldn't come up with something more original, I always thought. And I assumed those tracks will be borrowing to drive. That was until I accidently discovered Troyton Raceway. This one follows the outline of the Troyton Racing logo, but also looks like one which could exist in real life. It is great to drive and looks very good. It is the almost perfect mix between fantasy and real life.
NitroMcClean on Nov-25-2010

Thanks for all the positive comments! Just wondering if any explorers have found any more Easter eggs (secrets) in my track? Bram Hengeveld over at found the jumping kangaroo in the skidpan (tick) and I posted a YouTube Vid of one of the secret camera's which does a lighthouse flyby, but there are a few other secrets. There's another secret camera activation and there's a completely hidden drivable area too (for the high flyers), not to mention some girls in a spa .

Post discretely if you find anything .
krunch on Aug-11-2010

I'm no expert but I fell in love with this track! Thanks for sharing!
Steviebone on Jun-20-2010

Hi, amazing and well designed track ! Very good job, thanks a lot !
Sadely, this track is not real, great races may take place on such a track. Hope you'll do lights for amazing night races.
JusTiCe8 on Jun-02-2010

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