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Tsukuba 1

By: Mr_DutchDevil
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Jul-06
Current release: 1, on 01-Jul-06

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The Tsukuba Circuit is one of the most popular race circuits in Japan, located in a metropolitan area. The all-Japan motorcycle race championships were held there, after the Tsukuba circuit was established in 1970.

Although the circuit is small (the total length is only 2,070 meters) the all Japan touring car championships were also held there. These days, almost every week various races and events are held at the Tsukuba circuit.

The rFactor Track: It was original a GPL track made by Polar Blue 21. After I got permision I updated and converted it to GTL and rFactor. Outlaw contacted me to help out with some
textures and FastEddie (TC) made a nice cam file for the track.

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b3rg4r on Jun-25-2015

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rdhet on Jan-09-2015

This track is the same as your image.

Davy512 on Aug-19-2013

is possible to make the small version of this track?
like this image
fabiomiguel7509 on Aug-18-2013

Will we be seing this amazing track in the future rF2?

By the way, i heard there was someone named Culmone that made new textures for this track, but all links i have seen are broken, would anyone by any chance have a working url or files avalible on hdd?
FakeThinkpad on Jul-27-2011

@Red Von Hammer: Or you suck at driving? nah, i agree, my laptimes have been slightly slower as well, maybe the track surface is less grippy, because watching onboard videos, it looks the right length...
scowie71 on Oct-06-2010

With the TRD N2 Levin I fail to get any lower than the 1:02.300`s at lowest no matter what setup or driving style. For real that car is supposed to do around 1:00 or even 0:59 at Tsukuba, so the track must be a tad longer than the real one But other than that this is a very good track, been driving it a lot now, thx for the track
Red Von Hammer on Oct-08-2009

high res textures update
ShergzTEC on Jun-21-2009

Love this track too, But I seem to have a problem with lap counting. Not all laps are counted, and it seems to be the same with the AI:s. I haven't been able to find out what it is that makes some laps not count...
tomsby on Mar-19-2009

Tsukuba is one of my favorite tracks. Is anyone ever going to make a nice up-to-date looking tsukuba that's more realistic and better looking? There must be some talented people out there that care about tsukuba
Gabkicks on Mar-17-2009

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