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Tsukuba 2005 RFE 2.20

By: zwiss and Rainmaker
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 06-Dec-12
Current release: 2.200, on 30-Jun-15

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Screenie by: zwiss
Screenie by: zwiss
Screenie by: zwiss
Screenie by: zwiss
Screenie by: zwiss
Screenie by: zwiss

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Tsukuba 2005 v2.11 for rFactor by zwiss, Rainmaker and philrob

-merged skyboxpatch
-removed RFE version

-RFE Plugin Series support
-new color for the grass texture
-finally a more suitable venue name
-new sky
-other small adjustments

-conversion to rF with friendly help from philrob
-90 % of the track is totally new... objects and textures
-new cam files by patrickramirez
-new AIW file done from scratch

The track

The Tsukuba Circuit is a famous race track located in Shimotsuma, a neighboring city of Tsukuba, Japan. It is 2,070 metres (1.29 mi) long, has 32 pits and the longest straight is 437 metres (0.272 mi) long The track has a large variation in corners ranging from wide sweepers to hairpins.

The original

This track was CREATED by 'Polar Blue 21' for Grand Prix Legends and released on February 21, 2004.
I released version 1.0 as a pretty simple conversion, but V2.0 is 90 % redone.

The conversion to rFactor

The GTR2 version was converted by rainmaker87 with friendly support by philrob that did the starting lights and several fixes. Thanks again.

The conversion to GTR2

Dutchdevil gave zwiss permission to use his GTL version to create a GTR2 version.
Zwiss did not get in contact with Polar Blue 21, but since GTL was allowed, Zwiss had no reason to believe the original author would mind that a GTR2 version was made.


- original track made by 'Polar Blue 21' for Grand Prix Legends
- GTR2 LODS made by Taku
- cams by Patrick Ramirez
- Simbin and ISI for objects and textures here and there.

Have fun!

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very nice circuit! scalp psoriasis
forumsqwerty123456244 on Nov-20-2016

Made from over 300 Actual photographs taken at the 2007-2012 Long Beach Grand Prix.
newstart027 on Oct-20-2016

very nice circuit!
I fixed the drying line texture for the right result when track is drying out, using the RFE Plugin Series. Fix and more info here:
Many thanks to the author(s) for this job!
SlowMotion on May-20-2013

Such a great track... thankyou very much, I race the PPC AU mod on this race track. IT'S A MUST HAVE!
mikeblueberry on Dec-14-2012

Very detailed, thank you. One thing I would like to say though is that the hairpin at the end of the first sector is very slippery compared to the rest of the track. Whether this is intended, i don't know, but it doesn't feel consistent.
Jeem on Dec-09-2012

Beautiful job as always guys thanks for the release!
legendsatlunch on Dec-09-2012

Check your mail Inbox please!
rainmaker87 on Dec-07-2012

Hello. My nickname is wizard2275 I want to ask for permission, to convert all your tracks, to F1C old game. I will understand, if don't want to give me permission. Thanks you very much in advance. Regards.
wizard2275 on Dec-06-2012

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