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Tuggeranong Town Centre 1

By: dosgraphix
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 04-Jun-09
Current release: 1, on 04-Jun-09

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Screenie by: dosgraphix
Screenie by: dosgraphix
Screenie by: dosgraphix
Screenie by: dosgraphix
Screenie by: dosgraphix
Screenie by: dosgraphix
Screenie by: dosgraphix
Screenie by: dosgraphix
Screenie by: dosgraphix
Screenie by: dosgraphix

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V1.......... June 2009

I have been working on my track now for about 5 months and it is at a stage of being complete.

This is a fantasy street circuit track based in my hometown and has crowned roads so you will need to feather the throttle in and out of corners. (in particular in the first three corners). I have gone for accuracy on the buildings, but hoping it doesn't effect the FPS too much. I have an excellent graphics card, so for me it has been good.

Things that are not perfect are the following and will be corrected infuture releases:

1 The size of file is quite big, not imported into MAS files (i will correct this at a later stage).. sorry

2 Better Road Textures
3 New Pit Complex with more car spaces, at least 30 cars (at the moment it holds 24 cars)
4 Night Racing
5 Better Textures for the crowd
6 Remove 3D text from buildings to minimize poly's

I have had a lot of fun doing this track and I am glad that some other people will get some joy out of racing on it. I have learnt a lot and there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Thanks to Piddy @ Bob's Track Builder and others.

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Good evening! I would like someone who understands AIW file edits to fix a problem on this track in relation to AIs as they get very rough. I play with the mod F1 2016. Thanks for the help!
rafaelsarjj on Jan-27-2017

Nice job, I have often driven on reed street south where it goes under Soward way and thought that would make a nice track. Do you know if this layout is similar to the once proposed Tuggeranong track? (see Exciting track hope your BOB issues have been fixed I too have a track i'm unable to update because of similar problems.
darkcypher111 on Dec-13-2012

Thanks Felipe_Br.... how i your track coming along?
dosgraphix on Jul-13-2012


Screenshots made me recall Microprose GP1 World Circuit 1991.

Worst graphics ever!
Felipe_Br on Feb-17-2012

Hows this track going??? I'm interested in this track as I'm moving into this area in a few months.
devilracer87 on Apr-10-2010

At the moment i am unable to finish V1.1. BTB has crashed on my PC, emailed for support, awaiting answer. hoping for a result soon. sorry
dosgraphix on Mar-01-2010

V1.1 is coming!!!!
See above notes.

End of FEB 2010
dosgraphix on Jan-28-2010

Sorry guys i haven't done any work on this track since it was released. I have taken a rest on building tracks and been doing some racing. Hoping to do some of those basic fixes in the coming weeks.

Glad you like the track.
dosgraphix on Dec-13-2009

Here is a texture update I came across, makes it look very nice. Good to tide us over until dosgraphics can do an update
Bleddyn on Dec-07-2009

Excellent track - any news on when the patch might be out, more specifically the increase in pit spaces? I'm tentively interested in including this in a league in the future but it would need the capacity to hold 30 cars. Also, you should have 7-zipped this download, reduces the archive to a third of what Zip can
Redhawk on Nov-20-2009

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