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Twin Ring Motegi Road Course 0.10

By: matt_atknsn
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: matt_atknsn
Screenie by: matt_atknsn

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For the Wikipedia entry/info of the track, please visit:

This project is a completely new one and none from my beta SCGT work is reused (totally from scratch; info, data, pics and video references available in the public domain). This concentrates on the Road Course part of the track, though as we all know that the Super Speedway is essentially connected to the Road Course, it is very much possible that the Oval will also be included...

Planned layouts are the East, West and the full Road Course (for those of you familiar with these layouts from the Gran Turismo (c) series)

For any inquiries, comments, suggestions and violent reactions, please feel free to email me (matt_atknsn at hotmail; meh no spam please) Additional pics of the track are very much welcome hehehe


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I've had a copy of a version for about two years now.
IMSA GTP on Jul-27-2011

I guess we'll have to wait till after the October IndyCar race to see the road course.
simracer2755 on Jul-26-2011

It seems there's no news about it...
BeckMax on Sep-20-2010

any news about the work in progress ?
matt21 on Aug-07-2010

i have found an other version of Motegi road course here
in this topic
JSGT 500 2007 Part 1

link: ROUND 7 - TWIN RING MOTEGI: author unknow sorry:
matt21 on Apr-18-2010

Hows the progress going?
Powerslider0 on Feb-17-2010

good luck mate for this project. We need a rF version of Motegi
DeDios on Nov-25-2009

Any news about track ???
ingrenault-06 on Oct-29-2009

I love this track! Very good
Vezzoli 17 on May-27-2009

Any word on this? Is it still going?
sebtarta on Mar-12-2009

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