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Twin Ring Motegi Super Speedway 0.90

By: DNAnr1 and Charlie Hendrixson
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Oval Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: DNAnr1
Screenie by: DNAnr1
Screenie by: DNAnr1
Screenie by: DNAnr1
Screenie by: DNAnr1
Screenie by: DNAnr1

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Twin Ring Motegi Super Speedway

Motegi Speedway is the only oval circuit in Japan. It has held races for CART and NASCAR, and is hosting the annual Indycar Series event, the Indy Japan 300.

This uniquely formed, some say egg-shaped speedway provides great challenge for the drivers, as turn 1 and turn 2 are taken flat-out, while turns 3 and 4 are much tighter and therefore more technical, and requires precise steering and slight braking, which also creates many passing opportunities.

The 2008 Indy Japan 300 saw Motegi Speedway making history, as Danica Patrick became the first female driver to win in a major open-wheel series.

A big thank you goes to Xmant2000 for giving me permission to convert this great track from NASCAR Racing 2003 Season to rFactor.

The conversion itself has been completed. Currently updating the track by adding new features to it.

0.80 beta released on Jan. 26th 2009.
0.90 WIP released on Aug. 26th 2009.

Original authors of Motegi Speedway for NR2003:
Troy Smith (track layout, graphics)
Brandon Kilgour (track banking, graphics, AI)
Chris Owens (track graphics, Safer Barrier walls)
Wayne Anderson (custom 3do's)

Conversion and modifications: DNAnr1
New AIW: Charlie Hendrixson

- New in WIP 0.90

- Pace car brakecheck issue has been fixed
- Pitboxes now load correctly, shared pits fixed
- Added caution lights around the track
- Infield is a collision target
- Added fencetops
- Fixed road texture reflection in DX9
- Ads on asphalt after start/finish
- Added logos on SAFER barriers and walls
- more trees will appear in High-Ultra graphic settings

-Note: This track is made for online racing purposes. Meaning that the AI lines are optimized for the pace car only. I would like to make the AI offline racing compatible as well, but rfactor AI is not good for racing on large speedways.

- Features that will be added during further developement of the track

- Animated flagmen, waving flags during start/restarts and caution
- Billboard-fence in turns 3 and 4 to reflect the correct structure
- More logos on SAFER barriers
- Clearer logos for Road Course garages.

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any league gives you a feedback to finish this speedway ?
any news of version v1.00 ?
matt21 on Aug-07-2010

For Motegi Road Course, check this page that i have found an other version of Motegi road course here in this topic:
JSGT 500 2007 Part 1

this is the link: ROUND 7 - TWIN RING MOTEGI: author unknow sorry:
matt21 on Apr-18-2010

DNArn1, is there an infield?
rookie man on Apr-10-2010

Hi All ,
just checkin in and still hopefull for release to complete my CartFactor Race Series , Thx for the time in on the build DNA nr1 , patiently waiting
Regards ,
NitroRichGR on Jan-20-2010

i'm really looking forward to see this track. any updates?
where can i find the beta version?
if you need someone hepling, I work on photoshop and I can do some textures if you want.
Let us know. bye
dzeri on Jan-09-2010

yeah I'm wondering the same thing.
Plationvidi on Oct-30-2009

Been a month today since I've asked - any new updates? I was hoping the final version would have been released by now.
robertwnielsen on Oct-21-2009

Great track. Let's share some setups. What times are y'all turning?
arlbigdaddy on Sep-26-2009

Any new updates?
robertwnielsen on Sep-21-2009

OK thanks for the heads up. Cant wait to se the final product!
barista brian on Jul-23-2009

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