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Tyka Client 0.85

By: Tygernoot

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Tygernoot
Screenie by: Tygernoot

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Tyka is a free client application that will meet all your online sim racing needs and more! Chat with your friends, search for available rooms, host a dedicated server, take advantage anti-cheat measures, compete in leagues: Tyka has it all!

- Tyka supports the best racing simulations: F1 Challenge, rFactor and GTR2, with ARCA support coming soon.
- Easily host and join rooms. A simple but powerful user interface makes it easier than ever to host or join rooms.
- All mods and tracks are supported. Tyka uses an advanced gamescanner to search any mod or track you have installed in your game installation.
- Matchmaker and RaceCast compatible.
- Advanced cheat checking system. Drivers joining rooms hosted on Tyka are automatically and continuously checked for file and ram cheats.
- Chat with your friends through the open chat or through a Personal Message system.
- Integrated webbrowser. You can browse the web from the client itself.
- Auto-update. The client will automatically download and launch its latest version.
- Spectate rooms. rFactor allows you to enter as a spectator. Witness exciting league races from first row.
- Forced rFactor upgrades. You can select car upgrades when joining and force specific upgrades when hosting a room.
- Auto-download for tracks. We put up a selection of the best tracks which will download and install automatically.
- Set the game’s graphical options from the client. No need to launch the game.
- and much more...

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Latest Tyka Client Comments

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king001 on Nov-18-2018

king001 on Nov-12-2018
king001 on Sep-19-2018

Tyka site is back online (finally). Hopefully client will be back soon too! stay alert

veldt000 on Oct-08-2009

C_Phillips, we know the link isn't working.
At the moment we have trouble with the data-center. They have to re-connect our server to the internet.
We are still waiting for them.
veldt000 on Sep-22-2009

Link no worky fellas!

C_Phillips on Sep-21-2009

sorry pablopali,
but we have had some technical difficulties.
At the moment we are waiting for datacenter to re-connect us to the internet.
hopefully all will be solved soon.
veldt000 on Aug-18-2009

The server it's offline days ago? Why?
pablopali on Aug-17-2009

like you also asked in our forum (accessible for everybody through all have to join through Tyka-client for the anti-cheat to work.
veldt000 on Apr-25-2009

When using Tyka server edition to create a room and starting a sever, is it mandatory clients join through Tyka client or the anti-cheat function works even if they enter through server list in the game?
vali on Apr-23-2009

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