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Tyre SlipTable Maker 1

By: Bristow

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Tool which creates shapes for slip curves. Please refer to for detailed tyre physics information.

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Latest Tyre SlipTable Maker Comments

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brrupsz on Jul-28-2012

Pretty please can somebody post a new download link?
jcolbert on Jul-27-2012

Fresh link?
Massa-fan on Jun-26-2012

Folks, could any of you show me how to create a lat and lon slip curve for tires size front 265/35/18 & rear 335/30/19? The car weighs 1400 kg.
El1iP3S01D on Dec-25-2011

How do you use this? So that i can create a slip curve for tires with Front tires d18 w75 h62 and Rear d19 w125 h70 for the games rFactor and NFS Shift 1 PC.
El1iP3S01D on May-22-2011

The download link worked fine for me.
gemery on Nov-06-2010

Here's few links.

  • Megaupload
  • Hotfile
    rister on Jul-17-2010

    Would love to give it a try, but rapidshare evidently is permanently busy. Can't download as a free user. Anywhere else you can grab this from?
    Jedi1 on Jan-19-2010

    well tryed and no cigar!!!!!

    funny thing is i can download other things on Rapidshare
    Rcrazy on Jan-07-2010

    same as wot that smart guy said.. lol.. downloads fine great little bit of kit too.. many thanks for this Bristow..
    THEDUMMY on Oct-31-2009

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