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UK Karting Track Pack 0.10

By: Rushy & Austinman55
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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we are making a uk karting track pack that will include:
kimbolton (released
whilton mill (released separatly before)
clay pigeon (released separatly before)

This will be released with the Uk Karting Mod which we are just starting

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Latest UK Karting Track Pack Comments

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Hi all

Has anyone done Teesside Autodrome?

We are competing in the Brit 24hour kart endurance there and wold love to get some practice in!

octy on Jun-27-2013

Looking forward to tracks like Shennington and afew like Little Rissington and Blackbushe (with sand).

Any further news on progress ?
Gotlerghia on Oct-23-2011

pleeeeeaaaase make a Fulbeck track! that would be awesome!
Azza 44 X on Jul-28-2010

Is there ever going to be a rissington kart club track. i race there every meeting and i love the traxk so pleez make it.
chris jr58 on Jul-24-2010

Can you make a Red Lodge Track
aaronksal on Jun-07-2010

Is the wigan track you mentioned three sisters? I have been their alot, but they have different layouts, but I could help you with them if you want
Colster on May-06-2010

Please can you give me a download link to this before finished because I'm racing at most of these circuits next year in the briish champs
atsracing on Nov-18-2009

hi, could someone do not handle the track Vysoké Myto, Czech Republic
romdrom on Oct-28-2009

sick lol, cant wait. wigan pf prob my favs, but i liked fullbeck, larkhall, rowrah, glany gors n buckmore too
EL HARTO on Oct-08-2009


Does anybody have a version of kimbolton i can try. racing there in 3 weeks and fancy a go at the sim version for practise (even if its a close guess)

sdminus on May-27-2009

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