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UK National Hotrods 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Initial release: 19-May-08
Current release: 1, on 09-Jan-11

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Screenie by: luigi113
Screenie by: luigi113
Screenie by: Pedz212
Screenie by: Pedz212
Screenie by: Pedz212
Screenie by: Pedz212
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Screenie by: bazzer
Screenie by: Grasser233
Screenie by: Grasser233

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Based on the UK & Ireland National Hotrod Series. Cars are approx 235 BHP, rear wheel drive, based on hot-hatches. They race on short ovals of less than a quarter of a mile.

The current release is at V1.0 and has 7 chassis: Peugeot 206, Peugeot 206cc, Vauxhall Corsa, Vauxhall Tigra, VW Corrado, Citroen Saxo and BMW Mini. Future updates may include further models

All cars feature upgrades such as different wing styles, wheels, splitters and cooling options. A high ratio gearbox option to facilitate Super Silhouette Racing will also be available at a later stage.

For more info on the real life series, visit

For more info on UKSOM and our other mods and tracks, visit our forum at

Thanks to all involved with their help in creating this mod.

Have fun and happy racing!

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ha. i realy need help, i made a texture using and i put it where it needs to go and do the nessesary stuff and can buy the car, it looks fine there but when i race it, its just one colour or sometimes its got some stripes on it i dont know what do to...
kai391 on Sep-28-2013

Just to let people know, we are currently running a league in these, here is the website, and follow the link to the forum to register
sparkyFWJ on Mar-24-2013

Top left is Baarlo, next 2 down are Ipswich and the final 2 are Hednesford.
Evo monkey on Jan-17-2012

What is the track called in the top left of the Hot rods page?

07890799040 on Jan-17-2012

Don't want to whinge or anything, but any chance of some better templates?
roadhog29389 on Aug-30-2011

Nice Job guys, this and the stockcar F1 mod are my favourite ones, but it would be really nice if you could make a wide body vauxhall nova skin ^^
wildefifi on May-28-2011

Thanks for the funny Cars. I love it.
Its so nice to drive, thank You
But one Questchen: where is the Fiesta?
I am a Ford-Fan

best greetings....
Gaugo on Feb-27-2011

Thanks a lot for these. Used to watch them (think it was this class) at Park Hall a million years ago. Might have to get back to seeing them live again now that I can afford it.

Cheers guys.
coolhandpaul on Jan-20-2011

Firstly, thanks on behalf of UKSOM for the positive comments

Nitro, the cockpits really are that sparse (lol) but we will investigate making them a little 'easier on the eye' by creative use of shadow or something

thooorn, we are intending to including longer 6-speed gearboxes and other minor modifications to the existing models to allow the addition of a sub-mod to mimic the 'super silhouette' cars that race in the UK (basically rods on circuits).

slapdash on Jan-14-2011

Is it possible to do an update for longer gearbox? Its too short for pernament road tracks, not only for speedways
thooorn on Jan-10-2011

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UK National Hotrods