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URL-Trainers 1

By: S.Charlie Gog
Origin: Extension | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 27-Nov-06
Current release: 1, on 29-Nov-06

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When I first got rfactor the cars that got me having the most fun were the rTrainers.Since then Ive messed with them quite often, playing with the physics and whatnot. Unfortunatley I'm not skilled when it comes to engine HP/Torque and gearing.(SO if anyone is and isnt tied up in another project or too busy please contact me over at the House forums)

20 rtrainers painted up "Club" style
What makes them diffrent? Not much..for now..but they do have 4wd =)

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Found a good copy of URL-Trainers at if anyone is interested.
Fastfest on Oct-17-2008

Downloaded this file twice from Rapidshare and both times the Trainer.mas file was broken. Please, does anyone have a good copy of the URL-Trainers they can make available on filefront or rapishare etc.
Fastfest on Oct-15-2008

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