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USA Lupo Cup 1

By: Pflynhi
Origin: Extension | Fantasy
Category: Touring
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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USA Lupo Cup
addon for the great Lupo Cup mod by GSMF

48 cars and 3 championships to add to your Lupo world

I started painting some lupos some months back to add to the Lupo mod, next thing you know I had over 100 of the lil rascals lol

I've cut the field down somewhat, finally figured out how to get the outside window banner to work right and appear ingame, and now it's time to wrap this up and pass it on to my fellow sim-racers.

thank you's go out to:
GSMF for the great Lupo mod and one of my alltime fav's
MasGraFX for nearly all the logo's used
rFactorCentral for the awesome site
nogrips for the awesome site
and to all my fellow sim-racers

peace out and hope you enjoy,

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