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USA Lupo Cup Add on 1

By: Pflynhi

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Screenie by: Pflynhi
Screenie by: Pflynhi

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add-on to the great Lupo Cup mod by GSMF

I released this nearly two years ago at no grip and tried to here also but kept having problems getting it to upload and just got frustrated and gave up. now I decided to try again :)

this is only a carset with 48 skins and with 3 new championships,
you will need the original mod installed for this
to work.

you may need to open the usa rFm file and edit (copy paste with notepad) to what tracks you have in your rFactor track collection.
however many hours of testing,racing,re-racing went into the imsa usa lupo cup and world tour season schedules for a good overall lupo racing experience.
i usually race with a field of 24, ai strength of 95% and races of 8 laps.

you may use this carset anyway you like and all i ask is that you "do not claim as your own", a simple "thank you" would be appreciated ;)

"please do not host this set without permission"

i have spent nearly 4 months putting this set together,painting then re-painting and hour's apon hour's of testing,testing and more testing, thou not all is perfect i have decided it is time to wrap this up and let you have it. hopefully you will enjoy and have many fun races and seasons.

special note: the ROW-1 Racing team included in this set is dedicated to my former teammates kzw, higpup and Malphrus.
the team was formed back in the day of the original nascar racing sim and the old hawaii server. miss you guys!

thank you's:
GSMF for the great lupo mod (personally one of my top 5 rFactor mods)
rFactorCentral for the great site
nogrip for the great site
masGrafx for nearly all the logos used
ISI for the great rFactor
and to all of the sim-racers out there

peace out and hope you enjoy,

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