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Unforgotten Nivelles 2011 1

By: Toni Digga
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 08-Jan-12
Current release: 1, on 08-Jan-12

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Screenie by: Toni Digga
Screenie by: Toni Digga
Screenie by: v8power
Screenie by: v8power
Screenie by: v8power
Screenie by: v8power
Screenie by: v8power
Screenie by: v8power
Screenie by: v8power
Screenie by: v8power

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Real Racetrack from the past. Have fun

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The project for the realization of a racing circuit rose from the intuition of one enterpreneur.
newstart027 on Nov-30-2016

Le Circuit étant BELGE ,je me permet de parler Français.
Ce Circuit ne ressemble pas du tous à la réalité(point de vue hauteur de Piste) et (inclinaisons des virages),les Abords crées non jamais existés,ainsi que les tribunes ,murs ,Etc;Pour l'extension (Bien Réalisée) c'est le seul plan venu aux yeux de la presse en 1973. Car les 2 autres Tracés(prévus) sont toujours biens conservés. et n'a jamais été construit pour le Gp 1975.
Merci à tous pour ce travail
albert88 on Oct-25-2013

No link working anymore !
jeanfrederic on Jan-30-2012


I have created it in 2011. Unfortunately, there is no longer this route.
She is past.
Hence the name, unforgotten Nivelles.

There was also a steep curve. I couldn't find anything about this curve but on the net.
But, I found the images.
Where it was unfortunately no information about it.

Which layout do you mean by Donnington, NitroMcClean?
Would interest me.

I would look then like to times that.
Now have a fantasy construction. Frankfurt (City course).

I spend hours trying to build a race track. So other fun can have.
I do not even know how many pages and pictures I have of Nivelles in my favorites.
It is also fun me.
This one but then the name dealing with, I do not understand.

I am grateful for each circuit that create others and I get this new ideas.
Whether through buildings, textures, walls, environment or also route.

As a result, this simulation lives only.

But thanks for the info with the racing line. Such things writes pure in the comments on the track, which bring in the create a racetrack really what.

Written with translator. :-)

Greetings and lots of fun.

Grüße Toni Digga
v8power on Jan-10-2012

Search on Google maps for Nivelles and discover there is no racetrack anymore, the area has changed into a business park. So when calling this "Nivelles 2011" this is a fantasy track. In 1970 there was an undeveloped proposal and that is the long version of this rFactor track.
I am a track collector of real F1 tracks and Nivelles was on my wish list for a long time. Last year someone made it for rFactor but it wasn't a spectacular good looking one. This version only looks just a little bit better but still has room for improvement. The racing-line for instance is not very good. But still I am happy with this track. The long (undeveloped proposal) version is far more interesting than the original Grand Prix layout and not many times such never released plans for a real track are used for a rFactor track (what about Donnington Park 2010, anyone?) so thank you very much for this one.
NitroMcClean on Jan-10-2012

OK. I just thought that as it said 2011, it was around last year.
Rockett_man on Jan-09-2012

Hello Rockett_man

My track has three versions.
The GP and the Sprint, the lines were real.
As an addition, I have installed the long version.
In the game, I've written out the long version as the version PLANNED.
This version was planned in 1970, but it never came to build this section of line
I've put them under real, because the GP and the Sprint distance are installed, and they were real

You see a picture of the planning for the long version.

Please excuse my bad English.

Toni Digga
v8power on Jan-09-2012

I think that this layout is not real, but is an undeveloped propsal.
Rockett_man on Jan-09-2012

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