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Unleashed 2008 Season Skin Pack 1

By: MyHolden11 and bazwaterboy

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: MyHolden11
Screenie by: MyHolden11

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Skin Pack we Made, its a addon to V8factor Unleashed

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Latest Unleashed 2008 Season Skin Pack Comments

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thats a shame they have been saying that since the mod was 0.9 was released guess ill have to wait for another 3 years to drive the awesome cars of 07-08! Anyways great job guys the cars look great
aussiedano on Apr-21-2012

TeamORSM are going to release 2007 and 2009 soon ive herd so not at the moment... but we are posting skins up on the V8factor Unleashed 1.1 profile ;P
MyHolden11 on Apr-17-2012

awesome job any chance of 07 and 09?
aussiedano on Apr-08-2012

Hey rfactor central, i want to edit this Mod which i put up, its not letting me, please can u help me?
MyHolden11 on Mar-30-2012

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