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Unofficial V8Factor Unleashed 2014 skins 2

By: Mickfang ( Mick Sutcliffe )

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Mickfang
Screenie by: Mickfang
Screenie by: Mickfang
Screenie by: Mickfang

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This is an unofficial add on for the excellent ORSM V8factor mod, which includes the 2014 liveries for all teams, the Mercedes/Nissans and Volvo are Holdens with new grills and badges, not ideal but maybe better than nothing

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Latest Unofficial V8Factor Unleashed 2014 skins Comments

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Re-done AI pit paths in pit area and paddock. Had found a bug where groups of cars could not stop in time to enter Pit entrance. This was because the way-path that leads from the main path was just not long enough on the original.
best waist trainer
inflatable dinosaur costume
wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

Nordschleife Tourist for rFactor 2
Original track by com8 - Converted to rF2 with love by pleclair
Further updates (Version 1.81) by DJCruicky
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

Great job on the skins ! Have found though that the cars behave differently compared to the 2011 cars eg when accelerating only the inside rear wheel spins up. I only noticed how different it was when trying to do a burn out it meant to be like that ?
BradHoolahan on Mar-04-2015

Hellraizor on Jun-13-2014

noticed some graphics problems with the Pepsi Max Cars, new version below.
Mickfang on Jun-13-2014

there was some confusion over which mod it was for ( my fault ) when I submitted it, it`s for the V8Factor Unleashed 1.10 , hopefully the link for the download will get changed.
Mickfang on Jun-09-2014

Mickfang, need some help with your description of this skin pack. In your description of this skin pack you state that the V8Factor v1.3 is required. But in your post in the forum, dated 6-8-14, you state that V8Factor Unleashed 1.10 is needed. These are not the same mod, so which is it? OR are you saying that the skin pack will work with both mods? Thanks in advance for your reply, Richard
werst59 on Jun-09-2014

V8 Supercars 2014 ( V8Factor Unleashed 1.10 needed ) here:
should now work with other ORSM season mods installed in the same RFactor dir.
obviously the Volvo / Nissan and Mercedes are fake, Holdens with different badges.
HRT / WSR and Nissan ( Caruso ) have extra skins.
any future skins used by teams I will try to add to this thread.

this is probably a bit more than just a skin pack, more like a season add on.
just put the files from the rFm folder into your RFactor rFm folder, and the V8Supercars14 folder into your Gamedata/Vehicles/ORSM folder

Dunlop Series available also.
Mickfang on Jun-08-2014

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