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Unofficial V8factor unleashed 2013 1

By: Mickfang

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Screenie by: Mickfang
Screenie by: Mickfang

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This is an unofficial add on for the excellent ORSM V8factor mod, which includes the 2013 liveries for all teams, the Mercedes and Nissans are Fords and Holdens with new grills and badges, not ideal but hopefully we will get the real Mercs and Nissans at some point. if not for rfactor1 maybe rfactor2.

Thanks to still_bacon and the rest of the ORSM team for their permission.

download: 151mb

extra skins

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There is an loading error: canĀ“t read hockenheim_rfe.mas file. Any help?
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newstart027 on Oct-17-2016

It crashes my game and sometimes my computer.... sucks a lot i want to race v8 supercars but i guess i cant
wywty on Mar-29-2015

in profile whenever i try to go to the v8 season it crashes my game? any help?
lamborulZ on Oct-06-2013

I loaded the mod it works but sometime if i go and change mods rfactor stops working as so as i click on unleased sometimes if i am on another mod when i change it to that mode rfactor stops.

Has anyone had similiar issues
Rodman1210 on Jun-19-2013

Very nice addition..great work, keep it up.
Hugh Jarse on Jun-06-2013

there not different templates, the Nissans are Holdens with a fake grill and badge same for the fords, do you want those templates with the grills and badges ?
Mickfang on Jun-04-2013

thnks man! i really need the nissan and mercedes template (just have the ford and holdem) we want to make a league with custom paintings. just miss those two templates. anyone??? Thnks!
X-MEN on Jun-04-2013

Try this Link worked for me ! {use gamefront}
thx138 on Jun-02-2013

Sorry it was when I tried downloading v8Factor Unleashed v1.1 Thanks Mark
Mag65 on Jun-01-2013

Hi will this mod work by its self as I tried downloading it and two of the links said there was no data and the last one
I got mucked around .Forgive me as Im not to flash with computers ,do you have a link that will work thanks Mark
Mag65 on Jun-01-2013

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