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Usce Belgrade 1

By: Ivan Notaroš - Nothke
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 13-Nov-11
Current release: 1, on 13-Nov-11

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Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke

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This legendary race, held on the streets of Belgrade since late 1960s, in the park on the confluence of two mighty rivers, has always been a high point in the calendar for it's prestige.. The "Monaco" of Yugoslavia. The track is tight and features high curbs and fast corners..

The track is infamous for it's danger. Barely allowed by FIA, safety levels were questionable and criticized throughout almost all the races held, which culminated in 2005 after unfortunate events, eventually kicking it off from the calendar. The race was held once again in 2008 and never again with the same, now historical layout.

Make sure you download the latest SRPL shaders by k_szczech to run the track:

It also comes with a WET version.

changes from 0.71 beta:
- all textures different
- tons of new objects
- perfectly optimised now!
- WET version!
- new better aiw
- parc ferme addition
- completely new pit tents..
- river barges.. and much more

//////// CREDITS ////////

Uš?e, Velika Nagrada Beograda

/// Special thanks to ///
- LEMAX for creating the WET version and integratng SRPL shaders

Track models and textures are made by Nothke
- vegetation by Martinez (some taken from RBR by SCi)
- guarda rfactor by Zaxxon
- Tyre Walls by Austinman55
- collision helpers by Martinez
- few textures are taken from Janvier's texture pack, and some extracted from ISI's tracks
- many textures I combined from various sources on internet (especially cgtextures)
- sky Textures by 6e66o
- SRPL shaders by k_szczech

track was made with on-location measuring.

/// Thanks to ///
- Forum Nacionalne Klase
- Gonza Racing forum
- Yugo Fan Club forum
..and it's users, for providing references, help and support!
- thanks to people who beta tested the track and provided comments

- Race Deparment - for help on technical matters
- rfcentral

and of course, thanks ISI for creating the wonderful rFactor

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A driving training area former used of the MotorsportClub Zwickau as a Kart-Track for their races.
newstart027 on Dec-01-2016

Staza je extra! Svaka cast! Mozes li mi ostaviti link za onaj mod Formule 1? Imas li mozda YouTube kanal?
Opasni on May-21-2012

Can't wait to try this one.
franjoballs on Dec-22-2011

The layout of this track is quite simple, but this really is what I call a street-circuit. It is done with a finishing tough rarely seen in a rFactor track. If you can't suppress the need for speed while driving your own car in your own neighborhood, take a virtual one and have a go on this track. You don't have to be afraid for passing pedestrians and cars coming from the opposite direction, you can go as fast as you want. This is one goes into my Hall of Fame!
NitroMcClean on Nov-21-2011

Insanely unsafe! Perfect for simulation!

Nice work on compromising between detail and framerates while keeping the immersion and quality above average. To increase the realism, make some key marshals as 3D models and I don't think it will hurt the framerate.

I found the AI to be fast, but, with historic cars, too prone to crash. The track is best shared with human players.
gemery on Nov-20-2011

Nice track chaps, judging from videos it seems pretty similar to the real Usce track - thanks!
Raido1 on Nov-16-2011

Staza je odlicna, svaka cast za trud

Bice ubacena u shampionat kako finale Fico Kupa 2011

Svi ko zele da se prikljuce u nas sampionat moze da to urade na

Pitanja i pomos na
mjanosh on Nov-15-2011

Bravo svaka cast.I mi u Srbiji imamo dobre staze
papabearkg on Nov-14-2011

Thanks everyone. Hvala svima. Vesni?ev skin sam napravio samo za promociju staze, da bi delovalo autenti?nije.. Skin je moj, ali mod nije. Nemam nameru da ga objavljujem.
nothke on Nov-14-2011

Hahaaaaaaauuuuuuu i have a deja-vu and i'm so happy with this... When i was a child we have a trip in Yugoslavia and i remember this place a little... In the same time the track simulation is awesome, i like it and wanna say thank you. Hvala, momci, hvala ))
Silver BENZ on Nov-14-2011

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