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V8 Factor Development Series 1

By: Jiminee and Daveo555 & Gavin G.

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Jiminee
Screenie by: Jiminee
Screenie by: Jiminee
Screenie by: Jiminee
Screenie by: Jiminee
Screenie by: Jiminee

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This skinpack is based on the 2008 V8 Supercar Development Series and requires the V8 Factor mod to work.

Only the skins and menu graphics are new and much like the actual Development Series uses the cars from the 2006 Main Game.

Everything except the skins and menu graphics in this pack is someone else’s work and used with permission.

This skinpack has been designed to look best with the White 0.92 Modern Showroom mod by Maciex.

Given that this is a second tier series I found it impossible to do pixel perfect skins. Teams change sponsors, drivers, cars and even makes between rounds so I picked the round that I went to (the Clipsal 500 support races) and for the most part have done the cars as they appeared for that weekend.

Daveo555 and Gavin G. both made significant contributions to these skins and many others helped in bringing it all together - Thanks guys!

This is not an ORSM product, though it has been done with their knowledge and assistance. Additional skins and input from ORSM may come in the future.

Its been a huge amount of work to make this happen so I hope everyone enjoys it!


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can i get a link for these it contains some of my favorite ones
htebb1 on May-20-2015

can I get a link for it
mceci1 on Feb-02-2015

does this add on still exist at all? would love to get my hands on it
aussieozzyaussie on Oct-29-2013

Does anyone know if there are any (Fujitsu series) 2009 skins available anywhere? I'm trying to get my hands on one for the #28 car (Haines Bros Earthmoving). It looks sick! Especially with the white-wall tyres. cheers
Robbie Boss on Sep-02-2009

Yep Reilly, thats exactly what it is,
Jiminee on Nov-24-2008

Curious as to what I am about to download here? Is this basically just an add on skin pack for V8Factor?
Reilly on Nov-22-2008

Great work Jiminee, thanks a ton!!
SmokinBob123 on Nov-20-2008

Nice work Jiminee

Hepcat (aka Flattop)
hepcat on Nov-18-2008

Wow guys!, this one snuck up on us, downloading now and Im sure it will be a hoot, looking forward to trading some of that paint with you all...
Gollumm on Nov-15-2008

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