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V8FU Custom Series 1

By: D.Painter

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: D.Painter
Screenie by: D.Painter

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V8FU Custom Series

This is a add-on for ORSM's V8Factor Unleashed community section.
Contains liveries from pre 2007 but not including reto fit to the Ford FG & Holden VE. Windows are done in the current format were car numbers are displayed on the windows, not on the cars.
You are able to replace the windows to suit your own name and number for your league racing.

All liveries,window and sundries were painted by D.Painter.
ORSM for V8factor Unleashed

Please refer to the original V8FU_README.txt, V8FU10_README.txt & V8FU11_README.txt as all work remains the property of ORSM.

Please do not repack, redistribute or RIP the skins and call them your own.

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I also have a G27 and never had a problem w/ the bump(s), even running left, right, or center.
newstart027 on Oct-19-2016

Great job... Anything ORSM is always 110% on Feb-10-2013

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