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V8Factor 2003 Skin Pack 1

By: Blokeman and D Painter

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Blokeman
Screenie by: Blokeman

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Here is the 2003 Skin pack for V8Factor. A BIG Thanks to D Painter for his amazing looking skins! Couldn't have done it without them!
Of Course to get this to work you need to download the brilliant V8Factor mod! Also available from RFC

V1.0 Is currently available for download

Updates to come
V1.1 - #69 - Team Kiwi will be added
- Minor bux fixes
- Skin fixes

If you have any bugs please contact me so I can work on them for the next update!

Enjoy Guys!

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Link please
Dav1n on Aug-23-2015

where is a link
mceci1 on Feb-02-2015

Any way I can download these skins?
barkos123 on Apr-18-2014

link please
petrkubovsky on Apr-06-2013

id like a link to these skins also anyone know of a link to these skins?
C72 on Mar-29-2013

how do u download the skin pack no download links anyware??
lucy12 on Aug-08-2012

Real good job on this. It's about the only car(s) I can drive without any of the help. Dream to drive, just love the Holden's.
cseturbo on Oct-30-2010

Now available under Addons/skin packs
D painter on Oct-22-2010

Hi Can you tell me where I can download 2003 skin pack for v8 factor
riktz on Aug-21-2010

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