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V8Factor 2009 Skin Pack 1

By: Scratch

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Nick78
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Screenie by: Scratch
Screenie by: Scratch

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2009 V8supercars Series Skin Pack for V8Factor 2006

Free for non-commercial use.

This installer will create a 2009 V8supercars Skin Pack Series. Once installed it will show up as 'V8Factor 2009' in the Racing Series menu. It will not affect the 2006 series.

If you want to use with V8Factor06 download the 2006 Add-on Pack. Both versions cannot be installed at the same time

All cars are representative only and not guaranteed 100% accurate.

I’ve been inspired by, and learnt from, the work of many skinners including D painter, Gavin G, SportsExtra_Motorsport, XBFAIRMONTHARDTOP351, and many many more. My thanks to them and to ORSM for the brilliant mod.

The only things I've created for this pack are the skins and menu graphics, everything else is the work of Team ORSM and the relevant rights remain with them.

No association with V8Supercars, the Teams, Drivers, Sponsors, rFactor or OSRM is claimed or implied.

Requires V8Factor06

5129 Additional skins done, update will work with either version.



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Latest V8Factor 2009 Skin Pack Comments

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Is there a problem with the mediafire links? Unable to download. :-(
mortal on Dec-17-2009

Hey scratch, great to see it up

Loving your work and its been good to be a "beta" tester for you =]

Thanks again for your awesome skins =]
SportsExtra_Motorsport on Dec-14-2009

Thanks for the update and the Vodafone "McGrath" skins. I did have an idea that you may, or may not want to implement in your set. Currently you are using the V8SC_Engine.ini file. If you set your cars to use a new engine file then you can lower the cars fuel consumption to reflect the switch to E85 Ethanol. This year at Bathurst teams were getting about 25 - 27 laps on a tank iirc. Setting the value to "FuelConsumption=7.5e-5" gives me about 26 laps around the mountain. Just something for you to consider if you want to make this set as "'09" as possible. Thanks again for the set.
Bleddyn on Dec-08-2009

Great job with the skins. In particular the GRM late season design as that's one I was trying to do myself but really struggling with. It's a very awkward design
ea_silver_ghia on Dec-06-2009

Link for patch up, will work with either version, bonus vodafone 'McGrath Foundation' skins included.
Scratch on Dec-06-2009

Sorry people, don't know how the Realfeel Upgrade went missing from 5 cars, don't use it myself so didn't notice, link for patch coming very shortly.
Scratch on Dec-06-2009

How do you edit it to get realfeel for cars missing the upgrade??
torque on Dec-05-2009

Thanks Scratch, one small thing if I may. A few of the cars (maybe 6 - 7 teams) do not have RealFeel options in Upgrades. Of course it was easy enough to edit on my end, but having it done on your end to prevent public online mismatches would be great.
Bleddyn on Dec-05-2009

jasonycy, there are 2007, 2008 skin packs out there. Not my work and I can't remember where I got them, rmail me and I'll see if I can find some links for you.
Scratch on Dec-05-2009

Thanks guys, may do a kitten livery, watch skins for it iver the next few days.
Scratch on Dec-05-2009

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