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V8Factor Konica/Fujitsu Series 2000-2009 Skin Pack 0.40

By: F1racer96

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Screenie by: F1racer96
Screenie by: F1racer96
Screenie by: F1racer96
Screenie by: F1racer96
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Screenie by: F1racer96

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September 2011: Working on 2000 cars, anyone wanting to help in anyway, send me a message. Will eventually release parts of this mod, once certain cars are re-done.

23rd April, 2011: Now working on skinpack again after a long break! Mainly working on the Shannons/Kumho Tyres V8 Touring Car liveries, with the occasional Konica car


4th February, 2011:

Cars included in v0.11 skinpack:
2005 (1 Car, 1 Livery)
#32 Holden - Aaron McGill

2006 (4 Cars, 10 Liveries)
#43 Holden - Chris Alajajian
#77 Holden - Shane Price (4 Different Liveries)
#78 Holden - Jack Perkins (4 Different Liveries)
#91 Ford - Gary Deane

2007 (1 Car, 1 Livery)
#91 Ford - Gary Deane

2009 (14 Cars, 14 Liveries)
#19 Ford - Colin Sieders
#20 Ford - Bryce Washington
#20 Ford - Rodney Jane
#26 Ford - Jonathon Webb
#29 Ford - Damian Assaillit
#43 Holden - James Winslow
#43 Holden - Shane Price
#47 Holden - Sam Walter
#49 Ford - David Sieders
#96 Ford - Brett Hobson
#96 Ford - Todd Wanless
#96 Ford - Ryan Hansford
#777 Ford - Grant Denyer
#999 Ford - James Moffat

2010 (15 Cars, 23 Liveries)
#26 Ford - Ant Pedersen (3 Different Liveries)
#32 Holden - Paul Fiore
#32 Holden - Todd Fiore
#38 Holden - Cameron McConville
#38 Holden - Craig Baird
#45 Holden - Steve Owen (2 Different Liveries)
#46 Holden - Daniel Jilesen
#58 Ford - Drew Russell (2 Different Liveries)
#59 Ford - Aaren Russell (2 Different Liveries)
#95 Ford - Nathan Vince (2 Different Liveries)
#96 Ford - Ryan Hansford
#99 Ford - James Moffat (2 Different Liveries)
#222 Holden - Nick Percat
#777 Ford - Rodney Jane
#999 Ford - Tim Blanchard (2 Different Liveries)

Only skins that I have created myself are included in this skinpack.
The majority of cars only have a livery and wheels. Windows, pitboards etc. are yet to be created.

There are a total of 82 skins created so far, however most need re-working before they can be released

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Latest V8Factor Konica/Fujitsu Series 2000-2009 Skin Pack Comments

Post a V8Factor Konica/Fujitsu Series 2000-2009 Skin Pack Comment

Not much unfortunately, as my real life schedule has taken top priority lately, but fortunately, I have a fair bit of free time (for now). Hopefully I get most of the 2000 cars done before the end of the month (only about 11 liveries left to paint for that year). There may be some WIP/completed car pics soon as well
F1racer96 on Nov-15-2011

Any news on this?
mickeyfff on Oct-15-2011

Sent you a message mate
F1racer96 on Sep-10-2011

If you want help doing the windows give me a yell mate. I'd be glad to help you out.
devilracer87 on Sep-09-2011

I haven't done much work on this skinpack lately, but here are some links to the skinpack. They contain a collection of about 50 car skins between the years 2005 and 2010. Windows and other parts will be released once I start working on this again. Most cars that aren't included need to be reworked on before they can be released. Hope you all enjoy this little addition to a fantastic mod.

Filefront Link
Megaupload Link
F1racer96 on Feb-04-2011

where can i dl this from
hammie334 on Jan-09-2011

If you could send me the 04 Peters car, that would be great. If you want to, send it to and I'll have a look at it. Don't worry about the windows either, haven't got around to doing them myself for any car
F1racer96 on Aug-18-2010

If u want it i have just finished the 2004 peters motorsport falcon. i made it coz my dad worked on this car for a few years, anyways if u did want it u will have to make the windows because i dont know what im doing wrong but theyre the only thing i cant do.

jetpilot888 on Aug-14-2010

sorry about not replying to your first message from over a month ago, I don't check up here as often as I used to. I'll be sending you a message in the next 48 hours or so. Thanks for that, I'm sure what help you'll give me will be useful (especially with doing those TAG cars, still haven't been able to do a good version of either car yet)
F1racer96 on Jul-27-2010

hey F1Racer, if you could contact me in regards to the careflight cars and some other 2009/08 cars, i can be a decent help for you.
cheers! keep up the good work
holden_racing_kid on Jul-25-2010

Post a V8Factor Konica/Fujitsu Series 2000-2009 Skin Pack Comment