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Vairano 2

By: Strava
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 12-Aug-06
Current release: 2, on 31-Jan-07

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Screenie by: JimC1702
Screenie by: JimC1702
Screenie by:  Strava
Screenie by: Strava
Screenie by:  Strava
Screenie by: Strava
Screenie by:  Strava
Screenie by: Strava

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This track is very loosely based on the handling test track at the Vairano Automotive Safety Center south of Milano Italy owned by Quattroroute magazine. I could not find much data on the track other than the basic layout. So all of the elevations and objects are purely my imagination.

The basic track layout was created with GTKmaker.
Then the data was entered into GPLTrk.
I used GPLTrk for the main track surface, the grass edges, walls, elevations and pit road.
I then pulled the data into TrkMaker where I added the infield and outfield grass areas before converting it to GTL format.
3dSimEd was used to edit and add all of the objects.
As well as some tricky texture re-mapping for the sand and dirt areas around the track.
rFactor AIW editor was used to make the AI.
3dsimed was used to convert it all to rFactor format.

The original inspiration to make this track came from here:

An interresting comment someone made on the GTL version of this track:
"If you can get a car setup to handle well here, it will handle well anywhere"
v2.0 includes xpitout fix and pit lights fix.

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driving this track using well balanced F1 monopost is a pure blast! I find it flawless. thanks for creating this circuit. I have read that Brandon Hartley tested Red Bull formula there, what a lucky boy. lets do some online racing on this track (F1RL09 v1.4 mod preferably), qip 259689233
Jaromir83 on Jun-19-2009

Nice work on converting this track and updating it ...
DDawg on Jun-18-2009

Hi, I was in this track this week, your version is similar to the real (sorry for my english )
the track has not rows or bridge because it's only for private tests, it's is like your version in the grass, only a wall near the rectilinear.
I used a kessel's F360 and the game is very similar to your version except the start line zone
Weel done!
da23 on Jun-17-2009

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