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Val De Vienne / Ledenon Ver1.1 1.10

By: Unknown
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 14-Jul-09
Current release: 1.100, on 30-Jun-05

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This is a very hard to find track.
Nearly impossible to find, yet so cool.
I thought everyone should have this instead of it fading
into obscurity because no one can find it.

Considered a very technical circuit
and probably built with car racing in mind,
it is similar in size to Oulton Park.
Known for very tricky turns.
The main straight(the pits straight)
is 500 meters.
There are a plethora of continuous radius
and double apex bends.
The back straight is 300 meters long.
The track surface is excellent with very few bumps.
Exit views are very limited on many of the bends
and good track knowledge is vital.

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The writer of this blog is share al de vienne information with the people. Because people love to get this review description. Hope you can find this easily and according to this your kids can get better knowledge to make their life better.
Simmonssc12 on Jul-12-2018

Thank you very much for this track ! I thought no one ever modelled it.
wb00grib on Dec-09-2013

About track Val de Vienne
Great track very close to reality.
A bit fanciful decorations reproduce in the essential truth and really immerses us in the atmosphere of the circuit. It is just unfortunate that the track without the chicane has not been reproduced.
Thank you.

Très bon circuit très proche de la réalité.
Les décors un peu fantaisistes reproduisent dans l'essentiel la vérité et nous plongent réellement dans l'atmosphère du circuit. Il est juste regrettable que la piste sans la chicane n'ait pas été reproduit.
stephaned61 on Jan-30-2013

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