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Valencia 08 MMG 2

By: Franco & MMG
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 19-Aug-08
Current release: 2, on 19-Aug-08

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Screenie by: pietrov8
Screenie by: pietrov8
Screenie by: pietrov8
Screenie by: pietrov8
Screenie by: pietrov8
Screenie by: pietrov8
Screenie by: pietrov8
Screenie by: pietrov8
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

MMG Valencia Street Circuit for rFactor

Original Track Made By: Franco fxp :

Track Edited and Updated by Steve B of MMG :

Valencia Street Circuit modifyed by Steve B of MMG.

I want to thank Franco for giving permission to modify and release this track for the
sim racing community.

I also want to thank Leonardo Lourenco, Bruno Menezes and Sandro Nex from rF1-Brasil and MMG for their hard
work on this track.


Steve B

Thanks to Nazar Zahorodnyy and Raulongo.
This track is released by MMG as a public version to be played on with other mods,
outside of the MMG Trackpack for the 2007 Mod.

This track may be used in racing leagues and online events. Leagues have permission to
modify the loading screens to reflect their league (as many do). But the track must never
be released for download outside of the league. It must remain a league version.

This track cannot be modified/converted or released by another track editor without the
express permission from MMG.

Contact ceo[at]makmodgroup[dot]com for permission to convert or modify this track for release.

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332/500 (1877 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Texture Quality
Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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Realistic Track Surface
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Latest Valencia 08 MMG Comments

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I don't mean to be a sourpuss about this but in actual fact Valencia is half street half road course, at the first race Martin Brundle said they built the new roadcourse area to comply with the new regulations. So every is right, it is both Temporary and Permanent.
fastezza on Dec-12-2010

This track is pretty cool, good for sim racing (unfortunately not in real life...). However there are many things missing from this version as opposed to the real track (i.e.: buildings, proper sponsorship billboards, tirewalls, elevation and camber differences in the final 5 corners, "city stuff", and just plain odd details) which makes this track lose a bit of reality, which is a bit of a pity I find. Also lacks public spectators and ambiance...

Will you make a good update of this in the near future? I really would have done it but I have almost no more free time to mod anymore :-(
nericksenna on Mar-01-2010

It's temporary. On Monday morning, people of Valencia were using some parts of the circuit with their street cars.
hurricaneman on Aug-29-2008

this is a permanent road course its not temporary ,i have read this on a f1 news website
f1rft on Aug-26-2008

here is the picture of the bridge expansion gap
crbassassin on Aug-25-2008

the modders forgot to put the expansion gaps on the bridge aera
crbassassin on Aug-25-2008

Please, solve that HUGE bug... don't wanna have my car flying each time I ride a kerb...
raulongo on Aug-24-2008

New VALENCIA_1.38.000_AIW_for_MMG07-SP
audihase0815 on Aug-24-2008

Well, the relatively low score reflects the graphics, which are still in need of much improvement. The AI is also in need of improvement. The comments about burning cars etc is one issue but I am now getting times with Fsone of 1m40s and I Ithink Ican take a second off that and that is without any aids - not even TC. It is a full 5 seconds better than the best AI car. This can be fixed relatively easy, I guess but the graphics needs alot of work as well as the cameras. More buildings - coming up to the final turn it is more claustraphobic than in the game. The sea is not teeribly convincing and in replays the replay menu graphics are visible behind the track graphics in many places.

Having said all that, I have to say that the overall feel of the track is great and when I compare to what I have seen during practice and quali on the TV, I have to say that this has really been great work fom franco and MMG. When I am driving, I don't have time to notice the graphic weaknesses ;-). What is more the track surface deserves a better score - it really is as slippery as the real drivers say. Also I have to sympathise with Piquet who repeatedly scraped his plank on the kerb on the left as he turns right off the bridge. It really is that tight in Franco's and MMg's work. The cars lose the back end just where they do it in real life and the final turn is just as demanding as in real life. Immersion is total for me.

Looking forward to a big update to this track. The foundation is excellent.
LarryM on Aug-24-2008

this track is underrated...i dont understand such low score, since it is a great track although it needs work of course...the track deserves 400 at least.
anger on Aug-23-2008

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