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Vancouver 0.90

By: nobutora
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: RobertP
Screenie by: RobertP
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora
Screenie by: nobutora

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I'm not working on this track anymore.

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It's been a long time since I've warmed up my steering wheel with rFactor... and the first thing I checked was the WIP with Vancouver.

Still nothing.

Too bad... this project looks like it's permanently stalled... a lot of work for nothing I guess. I still have the beta track to play with... and I still live in Vancouver... and I fantasize about those bygone days watching SCCBC tear around the tarmac on the Molson Indy road course. Memories fading... but still the stuff of dreams...
kiko on May-31-2009

Where i'm found the track to test? Sorry for the bad english.
fernafranc on Feb-02-2009

I'm not a computer programmer or anything but I could help with any sorta other details needed. I saw all the races on this track and biked it a lot as they set it up each year. Damn I miss the races. But ya, I still live in Vancouver if you want any help in that regard.

TheLuckBox on Dec-21-2008

Great to see that someone is trying to finish this track... Nobutura made a good, fun track to drive... I'd love to see some more graphic details. I had hoped to help with details (since I live in Vancouver) but with 2 jobs and 2 kids I just can't commit the time... haven't even raced rFactor in 3 months...

Hope you get permission to complete it... and PLEASE let me know when another beta version is ready to test!.... wink wink

kiko on Oct-24-2008

Have a lap of Denver and you will see what difference road markings make to a circuit.
meclazine on Oct-06-2008

Nice work Bleddyn,

Not sure if Nobutora is the original creator of the 3d model.

Before he stopped working on it, we were looking at:

(i) White lines on the track from real life street signage;
(ii) Tarmac patches and changes;
(iii) Start finish line pattern like the real version;
(iv) More curbing in some parts with smooth inside walls;
(v) Lamp/Street lighting posts above the roads. Overhead street signs. Traffic lights;
(vi) Intersections relating to (v) and (i) 4 in total with 8 zebra crossings;

YouTube videos:

Google Maps:


Just need some painted lines on the track indicating the intersections and normal day-to-day road surface. Have a look at Adelaide and Guanghzhou for road surface. Gives a much better feeling of depth perception for faster cars.
meclazine on Oct-05-2008

In the comments before this track before the rFC server switch, nobutora had said work on this had stopped.

Since then cammel and myself have taken this track to an almost finished form (just need to get BC Place stadium added). It looks and works great but would like permission to release it.

Please PM me if you read this nobutora.
Bleddyn on Oct-03-2008

looks good, hope you finish this.. I raced this track alot from ToCa Race Driver and GP4, is really great
SkaningeN on Sep-30-2008

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