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Vancouver 1998 0.90

By: zero-g and Racing Line Developments
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 11-Jul-10
Current release: 0.900, on 11-Jul-10

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Screenie by: rt2000pilot
Screenie by: rt2000pilot
Screenie by: Bleddyn
Screenie by: Bleddyn

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This is the beta v 0.90 version of

Vancouver 1998

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This track really needs to be shortened because its half a mile too long
super__alonso on Feb-05-2011

Hi kiko,

I may be wrong but I believe part of the circuit you are talking about in the 91-97 layout, this is the '98 layout so it doesn't go by the GM Place. I am hoping that at some point we can extend this track out with the earlier layout.

dradecki on Sep-05-2010

AWESOME!.... I have waited a long time for this track. I live in Vancouver and BREATHED the Molson Indy every year it was here.

The previous versions (not you: other mods) of this track were too small/too narrow. This one's great. It "feels" right.

Turn 1 - pit exit and after start/finish actually dipped 'downwards' throughout the corner/curve after you came off the straightaway.
The turns around Science World are also curved slightly and there was a nasty 'bump' coming out of it entering the last short straight before the pit lane.
Wasn't the back section under cover due to the platform around GM Place (now Rogers' Arena?)... it looked almost like a tunnel that was open on one side.
Vancouver is by no means a flat city. Some scenery would be nice. Distant mountains to the North, three tall condos opposite the track around Science World (to date I think there is about six condos - they are the buggers who complained about the noise while the Molson Indy ran).

Really happy to play on this track.... thanks so much guys.

kiko on Sep-05-2010

Love the track, great work. My only criticism is that the track is too long. I can do about a 1:19 with the CART 1994 which is way slower than real life so I did a lap with the speed limiter on (97kph) and it took about 140 seconds, meaning the actual track length is about 3.77km when it should be 2.9km. Something to consider for updated releases. Other than that, wonderful stuff.
Nick78 on Aug-25-2010

Beautiful circuit for the best mod. You gave so much to this community. Thanks for all the work and time you spend on these tracks. We now almost have all tracks for the 98 season. Hope you find time to have a look of doing toronto?...
Chege on Jul-23-2010

It was in 1999, but the chicane was in place in 1998.
dradecki on Jul-17-2010

I don't recall the (right/left/right) chicane along the back section. I thought that after the right hander past GM Place, the circuit was flat out down to the 90% right at the end of the straight. Was it only there for a while or am I just sniffing paint?
westwood on Jul-17-2010

Magnificent work, thank you
CapitanulHaos on Jul-16-2010

Thnx! Great track, beautiful made. Absolute pleasure to drive.
M-Tec on Jul-12-2010

New CART 1998 League starting here ...use all new tracks!

zero-g on Jul-11-2010

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