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Varshko-Ovragi 1

By: KittX
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 02-Mar-11
Current release: 1, on 02-Mar-11

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Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse

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The fictional circuit, which represents the real location, between two villages - "Ovragi" and "Varshko", located in the northern suburbs of St. Petersburg, in the Priozersk region.
The location was made using Google data, photos and real-life experience :)

4 layouts
2 seasons (July and February)
Dirt and Ice racing
Custom skybox for each layout
Animated birds
Light flare shaders by Siim Annuk
Static vehicles by Tolmachevo team

There aren't plenty of cars to run on the ice circuit, but RXv2, Peugeot 207 S2000, WRC Subaru run there very well.

Max vehicles: 24

When exiting the pits, follow the pit exit instructions on LCD screen located at the garage exit.

Still considering about 2nd package, and if it's done, it will include tarmac versions.

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Yes I will!
Glad you're interested, watch the news next couple of days then
KittX on Mar-25-2011

Hi KittX, great track. Looks very natural! A question: in your Blogspot site you posted about airplanes and explaining how to put them in your tracks (little animations). Did you publish a tutorial on that subject somewhere? (If not, very interested )
Raido1 on Mar-22-2011

No probs, for alot of my rallycross tracks and truck tracks I had to do something similar and in some cases had to create learning files for the mod then manually edit them in notepad afterwards to either make them slow down or take off on the jumps. I was a couple of seconds a lap faster round here against the group bs but I did notice they didn't take a very tight line round some corners. Either way I thought the track was a blast and a pleasure.
Madcowie on Mar-04-2011

Hi Madcow, thanks thanks thanks!
I've tried to change the same things in tdf file but there isn't much difference.
Will try in GDB file, thanks for heads up!
KittX on Mar-04-2011

Hi mate, great track just had alot of fun with it in the rallycross group B. Just a thought. In the GDB file you can state AI grip. For example one of my files looks like this
Filter Properties = RoadCourse 2005 SRGrandPrix OWChallenge
Attrition = 10
TrackName = Blyton Rallycross
EventName = Blyton Rallycross
GrandPrixName = Blyton Rallycross //this must be the same as event name in order to sort circuit info correctly.
VenueName = Rallycross Tracks
Location = Rallycross Tracks
Length = 1.423 km
TrackType = Rallycross
Track Record =

Madcowie on Mar-04-2011

Excellent track , thank you very much , keep on this great work , hope to see the tarmac version soon .
rustyjuan64 on Mar-04-2011

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