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Vehicle Viewer 1.10

By: David Noonan

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rFactor Vehicle Viewer is an appliaction to view rFactor Vehicle (.veh) files.

To view a vehicle simply open a .Veh file. Use the Display Menu commands to control the way you view the vehicle.

There are some options to control the OpenGL rendering of the vehicle model. When you start Vehvwr you have an OpenGL menu. From this menu you can switch off VehVwr's use of GLSL shaders and disable the use of double-buffering. These two options should only be used if you are having problems with the rendering of the models.

If you right-click over a rendered part of a vehicle you will be presented with a small context menu. From the menu you can hide the selected object (part of the vehicle) or look at the material properties. VehVwr will also allow you to experiment with material settings such as the texture maps used.

If you want to use VehVwr to help you paint a car you should use the Display::Reload Textures command after altering your artwork.

Notes:- The paint-work is applied to the material wccarbody, you could use the Display::Material Filter if you want to just display this material. Note that in-game model is used but all low level details are removed.

For details about my 3DSimED program goto

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phoebesss on Aug-20-2018

Lol no one vehicle will load :S Is Better 3d Sim Ed xD
RedhotITA1 on Jan-03-2011

yeah!! I do think too that this extremely useful tool would need to be updated and made functional. Please update. Anyone else is able to do a similar tool working?
Alek.Fantomas on Aug-17-2010

Any update for the problem that some models can't be loaded??? :-/
Alek.Fantomas on Jun-29-2009

yes mate, for the mods which doesn´t work with the car viewer, i always go ingame to see whether the skin is ok.
think there is no other way
GeForce06 on Apr-20-2009

It looks like 1995 CART, VHR COT vehicles (and many other mods) do not work on the viewer as they are encrypted. IS this correct? If so - is there any workaround? How do you guys paint cars - do you just keep checking "in game" to see if paint line up, etc?

IRLIndyCar on Apr-19-2009

hey will this load the v8 factor 06 mod as i want to view my cars that im painting in it as i havnt got rfactor yet?????
JoelMurphy on Apr-18-2009
Sphara on Dec-01-2008

where is the download link??????
justdriftitfc3s on Nov-28-2008

so where's the DL ,,,,HUH>?????
Zeffman on Nov-16-2008

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