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Venom_GTR 1.30

By: Steve30x/Wolf
Origin: Extension | Fantasy
Category: Touring
Initial release: 19-Jan-07
Current release: 1.300, on 27-Jan-07

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I was driving around in the Venom and thought how much I would like to modify the car , So I did and here it is. With the help of Wolf this was made into a stadalone car mod. This is an ongoing project and with a little help from Wolf we will have a rally type Venom too (Just the physics need changing).

Heres whats changed / added

2 turbo types
2 different clutch types
Front wheel drive , rear wheel drive and 4 wheel drive selectable
Force Feedback options by wolf
New car sounds by Wolf
New car Physics by Wold
New Lienz Logo by Wolf

Thanks to Wolf for giving me permission to use some parts of his Pimp My Ride mod (Neons , Horn sounds , cars and Music is not present from the PMR MOD) and for helping make this mod into a standalone car mod.

V1.3 has the following changes

* 4 Wheel drive is now changed to Torque Splid 4 wheel drive
* 4 wheel Drive has adjustable split ratio (Change how much power goes to front wheels and rear wheels)
* Menu music added
* Logos Changed
* Downforce is now stronger with the wings added for better road handling
* Removed Suspension selection
* Changed Starting money to 0 (So that you will have to work for the upgrades now)

Skins Included in this mod are done by the following People

ACW Motosport - Claw

ACW - Adrenaline Custom Workshop.... well i live to play arround in photoshop and one of my friends told.. me how to open the dds files so i can repaint the cars so.. i downloaded the tool and started off and i acturly got cougth :D.. back in the days i use to do some 3D studio max, sry i dont have much of my work left due 2 a harddrive crash 1 year ago so i have to redo all of it.. annyways design and coding has been my strong site for some.. time now an i enjoy my work.. and now i have a chance to share ..some of my work with people with the same interrests.. --cheers-- claw


Team: Sony BP
Colors : Black, White & Aluminium.
Partners : Sony, Bp Connect, Yokohama, Momo, BBS, Magneti Marelli.
Painter: titoon

Team: TwistedMetalMax

TwistedMetalMax Venom
Painter: turn1wonder

Installer background Screenshot by Truerider

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